A Look at the First Official Trailer for Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is the game everyone is talking about right now after the game’s first official trailer was released on June 3. The Fallout games have always been popular because the games present a world that is ours and yet drastically different than ours, and even though it’s a post-apocalyptic setting, the chance to explore a world that’s been completely changed by the events in an alternate history is sure to be intriguing for anyone. Of course, the gameplay itself has been a big seller for the series as you enter the game as a character facing the fallout of the world outside for the first time.


The trailer for Fallout 4 has an eerie vibe to it as it switches between scenes before the series’ apocalyptic event and the modern day. The scene opens on a dog, known as Dogmeat in previous games, roaming through a house that at one moment looks picture perfect quickly changes to a run-down abandoned house. A voiceover in the background (provided by Ron Perlman) reinforces the eeriness of the trailer as the voiceover mentions being on the brink of war. As the scenes cut back and forth, the background music gets more intense and images of mutants and ghouls flash across the screen, and the trailer’s climax is the nuclear explosion that sent people into vaults in the first place.

While many of the details about Fallout 4, including a release date, remain unknown, the trailer revealed a couple key elements of the game. For example, based on some of the landmarks shown–the Paul Revere Statue, Fenway Park, and the USS Constitution, among others–we know that the setting of the game is Boston, Massachusetts. The most talk-about part of the trailer comes at the very end when the brightly dressed vault dweller meets up with Dogmeat and says, “Let’s go, pal.” This his prompted many fans to wonder if the newest installment in the Fallout franchise will feature voice actors for the first time. This seems a likely possibility.


The Fallout 4 trailer has served to whet the appetites of the franchise’s many fans by giving so much information about the game and yet withholding so much more. Fans won’t have to wait long, however, to get more details about Fallout 4. Bethesda Studios, the developers behind the game, will be holding a showcase at this year’s E3 conference in Los Angeles on June 14.

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