A Trio of Movie-Themed Amazing Games

The PS4 has a staggering range of fantastic games, and among these are movie-themed entries. Of course, amazing films don’t necessarily translate to a fun game (yes, Avengers, this is a reference to you). Here are three of the finest movie-themed PS4 games that you should seriously consider checking out.

Alien: Isolation

There are few monsters from the world of cinema as horrific, iconic, and terrifying as the xenomorphs that debuted in Alien and have since starred in multiple movies (sometimes alongside the Predators and often thwarted by the excellent Ripley). More than a third of a century after their first appearance on the silver screen, the PS4 saw the launch of Alien: Isolation. But would the sci-fi nightmare be as frightening for players on a console as it was at the cinema?

Yes, in a word. Not only that but Alien: Isolation can make a serious claim to be not only the best film-themed game on the PS4 but a contender to be the best on any console. It’s set a decade and a half after the first film in the franchise and has Ripley’s daughter as the first-person protagonist. She goes looking for her mother, who has disappeared and ends up on the remote space station of Sevastopol. But this is not some cushy Star Trek starbase. Oh no. This is a station that is wrecked because there’s an alien aboard, and the xenomorph has already picked off the crew. And now it’s hunting the player.

There’s a focus on hiding, stealth, and a sense of fear because the xenomorph will actively try to find and kill you. When you hide beneath desks you might even see it prowling past. Initially, the player has all the combat power of a rabbit staring down a tank, but over time you can amass sufficient items and weapons to literally give yourself a fighting chance. But it’s not only the xenomorph that’s a problem. Androids going on the blink is something of a theme in the film franchise, and that recurs here, so as well as the organic threat of the xenomorph players have to tangle with killer androids. The sound is particularly important, as this is one of the main ways the alien tracks the player and helps to enhance the claustrophobic, stressful atmosphere that makes this game a tense but highly enjoyable experience.


Movie-Themed Slots

There’s a great deal of overlap between various media, with what was once known as the expanded universe of Star Wars novels (check out Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy for a great read) and videogame versions of films. This can happen the other way around too, as we saw with the Sonic film, and there’s a Mario movie in the works right now. There are also plenty of slots that take their cue from blockbuster movies.

The Russell Crowe classical epic Gladiator wowed audiences at the start of the 21st century and is still fondly remembered now for its villainous Commodus and heroic Maximus. While the governance of the known world isn’t at stake with the slot game, players can make a pretty penny if Lady Luck smiles their way.

If your goal is to win money then the smartest way to play is with no deposit bonus promotions. These work by gifting a modest sum of free cash or free spins to the player, while still enabling the chance to win real cash. It’s the ideal way to take a betting site for a test drive without having to deposit a penny, and playing for cash without risking anything means you either finish ahead or lose nothing.

Superman fans have a bundle of themed slots from which to pick, some dedicated to the original Christopher Reeve films (Superman and Superman II), with others (Man of Steel and Justice League) featuring Henry Cavill. Batman also features in the last of those and has his own slots such as The Dark Knight, based on arguably the best ever superhero film that was made iconic by Heath Ledger’s incredible performance as the Joker.

Film slots don’t have to be dark and gritty, though. If you want a cartoon experience then check out Playtech’s Pink Panther for some animated fun.


Jurassic World: Evolution

There’s no shortage of very violent videogames, with country favorites in a survey by a gaming site including Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Grand Theft Auto series, but sometimes it’s nice to take a break from that and enjoy something a little more serene (for the most part).

When the original Jurassic Park movie arrived on the big screen the CGI dinosaurs were a sensation. Coupled with an engaging cast, high octane chases, and the tension when velociraptors were hunting down children, it was a deserved smash at the box office. The franchise is still going decades later, and the PS4 saw the launch of Jurassic World: Evolution in 2018.

It’s a simulation/builder type game (fans of Rollercoaster Tycoon or Two Point Hospital may be especially intrigued). While this sort of game does tend to be favored more by PC players the controls work perfectly well on the PS4 console. Your job is to run and build the park, with occasional help from Jeff Goldblum. Balancing the squabbling security, science, and entertainment factions is important. Unlike a normal zoo, you can’t just find a dinosaur roaming around. Instead, you have to find fossils and get your dinos that way (with the chance for a little genetic fiddling along the way). More dinosaurs mean more tourists and more cash. Simple, right?

You can micromanage things like gift shop staff numbers and what they sell or just stick with the basics. One of the most critical matters is the asset containment unit because it wouldn’t be a Jurassic Park (or World) without the potential for dinosaurs to escape and go on a rampage. And nothing makes a tourist less happy than being eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Storms and power outages are among the two occurrences that can make a reptilian great escape more likely. Players have multiple islands to build their parks on, from the beginner island to the sandbox of the island from the original film. And if you’re especially taken with Jurassic World then you can also check out the LEGO game.


Marvel’s Spiderman

Spidey is one of the biggest hitters in the superhero genre, and gamers old enough to remember the PS2’s Spiderman 2 will have fond memories of web-slinging through New York City. Does the PS4 game measure up to its beloved predecessor? It certainly does. The unique movement mechanic of using weblines to navigate through the skyscraper-lined roads remains hugely enjoyable, and diving from a great height only to sling a web at the last minute never gets old. Get the timing right and you’ll be hurtling along at breakneck speed as only Spiderman can.

The web-slinging also makes combat its own beast rather than a copy and paste from other games. One great example is attaching a webline to environmental objects and then smacking them into your adversaries. Combat can be tricky, so you can’t just button mash your way to victory. Grunt enemies are what you’d expect but there’s a little something special with the various boss battles that fit in nicely with the Spiderman universe. If you’re into photos then the plethora of unlockable Spiderman suits couple nicely with the photo mode (which has extensive customization options). In addition to the main story, players have plenty of side-quests that fit in well with the central questline, alongside many collectibles scattered throughout the expansive open-world map.

The player also plays as Peter Parker and Mary Jane at times, although some may find this to be a little less exciting (after all, we all know what it’s like to be a regular human and bought the game to be a superhero). Graphically, it’s one of the best games on the PS4. That plus the great story and fantastic web-slinging for both travel and combat make this a top-tier game.

And there we have it, three fantastic movie-themed videogames for the PS4 that are well worth checking out. Just don’t play Alien: Isolation with the lights off.

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