All about Rugby 24 – release date, features, and gameplay

Rugby24, made by Big Ant Studios, has been eagerly anticipated across the world by rugby fans and sports fans alike. We finally have a release date as the game is set to be available to the public in September 2023 just in time for the Rugby World Cup.

There are still so many missing details about Rugby24 including which platforms the game will be released on. However, one thing’s for sure…a new and exciting feature is set to dominate the game. ‘Fresh’ ideas have been promised for Rugby24, possibly to deal with the sore wounds that a rugby game, of this sort, has not been released since 2022.

Rumours, which are heavily based on the games AFL 23 and Cricket 24, all produced by the same studio, suggest that this new feature could be similar to FIFA’s Ultimate Team.

With regards to gameplay, we haven’t heard any updates yet since the game was only featured in a montage with a few artistic visualisations. However, we’re expecting more details soon so keep your eyes peeled for more!

As you wait, in anticipation of the game, you can always catch up on the latest rugby matches and events. The Gallagher Premiership games are up in May as well as the United Rugby Championship Quarterfinals. Of course, not to mention the Men’s Summer Internationals in August and the famous Rugby World Cup in France happening in September.

If you can’t wait to play Rugby24, there are other ways to get involved when watching the games such as betting on some of the best NRL betting sites and playing older versions of the rugby game in anticipation of the new one!

While the list of teams has not been released for the Rugby24 game, we do know that the game has the licenses of 130 national teams on board.

In an interview, Nacon which has a history for rugby games, revealed that they had some huge ideas to improve this rugby series including fresh ideas like line-ups, rucks, and mauls. Nacon also hinted at the possibility of including women’s rugby in the game, although this has not been confirmed yet.

Nacon also claimed that Rugby24 will be the start of a ‘new cycle’ for the rugby series. The series has previously struggled but Nacon insists that it is coming back with a bang with a new focus, team and different specialisms, making it a success story, through and through.

Many gaps and details are still missing but we can’t wait to find out more on Rugby24! The excitement is real!

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