The Best Games Like DayZ For PS4

DayZ is one of the biggest success stories in gaming. What started out as a humble Arma 2 mod became one of the world’s most popular zombie survival sandbox experiences, going on to influence a huge amount of other games and taking its rightful place as zombie gaming royalty. 

You can pick up DayZ on PS4 right now if you’re yet to play it, but if you’ve exhausted your time with this excellent survival experience and you’re looking for something else to play, there’s no shortage of games out there. Here are the best games like DayZ for PS4.

Fallout 76

At launch, Fallout 76 was widely derided for its numerous technical bugs and glitches, as well as its lack of resemblance to a classic Bethesda RPG or even a classic Fallout game. Eventually, however, with many patches and content updates, Fallout 76 began rebuilding its reputation, and it’s now a halfway-decent wasteland survival game. If you like DayZ’s multiplayer and you want something similar, Fallout 76 will provide, even if it isn’t quite as organic and compelling as DayZ.


If it’s DayZ’s organic exploration and survival elements you like the most, then Subnautica should scratch that itch. It’s single-player only, but it does present a massive, hand-crafted world in which to get lost. Of course, that world is also full of hostile creatures; Subnautica does an excellent job of simulating a real ocean ecosystem, and a real ocean ecosystem is nothing if not crammed full of apex predators looking for something to eat.

Days Gone

Want to get your zombie fix on PS4? Days Gone is one of the best ways to do so. This open-world game can get a little drab and repetitive, but the tale of biker Deacon St. John and his journey across a ruined Oregon still has its moments. The way in which this game can render massive hordes of zombies on-screen still feels just as impressive as it ever has, and there are plenty of locations to explore and loot for much-needed resources and crafting materials, too.

The Forest

Unlike Subnautica, you can grab a few friends to enjoy The Forest with you, so if you want to tackle a massive, hostile, and lonely world alongside your best buddies, you should check out this PS4 survival game. As the name suggests, you’re dumped in the middle of a forest and you must do what you can to survive. All is not what it seems, though; the wildlife and the elements may well be the least of your worries out here, so you’ll need to be on your toes at all times.


H1Z1 is a battle royale spin on the popular zombie survival genre, so if it’s the uncertainty of encountering other players in DayZ you like, then here’s the game for you. Daybreak Games’ battle royale sees you roaming a massive map, attempting to survive against both other players and hordes of the undead. To do so, you’ll need to watch your environment closely, loot important things to help you survive, and perhaps even make temporary alliances with players to fight off the hordes.

Rust: Console Edition

Fans of DayZ’s back-to-basics survival approach will find lots to like in Rust. You only have one goal in Double Eleven’s game: survive. When you spawn, you’ll have no clothing and no weapons, and you’ll have to make your way around a massive map looking for ways to strengthen yourself. Other players will be roaming around that map too, and they’ll probably be hostile towards you (although if you’re lucky, they might just leave you alone if they see that you’re not carrying any weapons).

PUBG: Battlegrounds

PUBG: Battlegrounds goes more for the realistic approach than for the “hordes of zombies” vibe, although it does occasionally feature a limited-time mode that involves zombies, so we’re including it here. While many games can probably lay claim to the tag of “first battle royale”, PUBG is arguably the game that popularised the genre. It doesn’t get much simpler than this; land on a map, look for other players to kill, kill them, repeat. You won’t need to worry about the ambiguous motivations of other players here.

Death Stranding

We’re throwing you a little bit of a curveball here. Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding isn’t really a survival game in the traditional sense; in fact, there’s very little “traditional” about the game. It’s basically an open-world walking simulator in the truest sense of the term. You must hike across massive open terrain, delivering packages, watching for shaky or uneven ground, and finding ways to cross huge mountains. Along the way, you’ll contend with floating ghosts by the name of Beached Things, as well as bandits and other dangers.


In many ways, DayZ feels like it either was inspired by or coincided neatly with Minecraft. This is another open-ended survival experience, although unlike DayZ, other players in Minecraft are entirely optional. You spawn in the middle of a massive landscape, and you must make that landscape your own. Craft a variety of tools, build yourself a house, and make sure you’re well-protected when night falls. Alternatively, head into the Creative Mode and build to your heart’s content.

The Last of Us Remastered

Sadly, you won’t be able to play The Last of Us Part I if you don’t have a PS5, but this remastered version is pretty much just as good for experiencing this heartrending story. DayZ doesn’t really have much of a story mode since it’s exclusively focused on the multiplayer experience, so if you wanted more narrative satisfaction out of the game’s zombie-infested world and you haven’t played The Last of Us yet (for some reason), check this remaster out.

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