Amazon UK increase pre-order price by £53.49 due to Increased demand

Amazon UK have just increased the pre-order price for the PS4 (see here). Does this suggest that stocks are starting to run dry? If you're from the US, you'll find it difficult to find a retailer that isn't currently out of stock, check out our import ps4 article on how to use international retailers to guarantee a PS4. Whilst the console is already over £100 ($160) more than the USA retail price, international demand is increasing as USA retailers are currently out of stock. Does this suggest increased pre-orders from abroad? What ever the reason, if you haven't already pre-ordered, the price is now much more for those wanting to pre-order from Amazon UK.

Before the increased price:

PS4-UKNew pirce:



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That’s Amazon for you, just getting greedy. Sony had nothing to do with this price increase just bad business. Sorry UK gamers.

Kind of ridiculous they would raise the rates of the game system. Just wait! the iPhone prices dropped just two weeks after the release. I’m not expecting a huge drop in price for PS4’s BUT I would expect them to stay at retail value.