10 Hottest PS4 Games that are coming your way this Christmas

Although we love to think of video game consoles as wonderful all-in-one devices which deliver streaming mixed-media and even allow us to connect to social media, the truth is that we mostly want to play games on them.  Sure, it’s really cool that the PS4 has all of these interesting new apps and general capabilities, but at the end of the day we want to see some absolutely fantastic titles flashing across our televisions.  You can point to every single console that’s ever been developed and released for clear evidence – each one of them features at least a dozen or more signature games (which more or less defines what the machine is capable of delivering in the way of interactive entertainment).

While it’s still extremely early start trying to point at certain games within the impending PS4 catalog as examples of excellence (I mean, the console hasn’t been officially released yet, after all), there are already a number of them worth taking note of.  For example, here are the 10 hottest PS4 games that are coming your way (around or before Christmas)…

10.  Knack

In the simplest terms, Knack is a game which seeks to capitalize on the power of the PS4 in order to deliver something of an “updated” yet classic platforming experience.  The game represents the area of the colorful, dynamic and entertaining 3D title which is meant to appeal to a large, broad audience of all ages.

knack ps4

9.  Diablo III

Whilst this game still hasn’t got an offical release date, it could be out for this Christmas. This somewhat infamous hack-and-slash dungeon-crawler with RPG elements has been overhauled for use on the PS4.  However, unlike its PC counterpart, this version of Diablo III is going to feature real-time gameplay which isn’t directed by mouseclicks, but directly.  In other words, you’ll be fighting hordes of monsters across bewildering backdrops yourself, and there’s even a co-op mode as well.

Diablo III ps4

8.  Need for Speed: Rivals

Set in an open-world environment, Need for Speed: Rivals is a different kind of racing title.  Not only does it contain all the essential elements that an action-packed game of its type requires (like high speed chases, exotic cars and locales) it also the autolog system which facilitates friendly competition via the PSN.  Add to this it’s stunning graphics and you have a winning combination.

Need for Speed Rivals ps4

7.  DriveClub

Yet another dynamite auto-centric / driving-based game that’s truly a sight to behold, DriveClub is quite a title to say the least.  Whereas other entries might be concerned with off-road madness and pure action, this game’s focus is on road racing.  In other words, this is a bona-fide racing title which seeks to ignite the so-called “car culture” within the domain of PS4 users.

DriveClub ps4

6.  FIFA 14

Steadily improving up on its trademark formulaic football franchise, EA is really sparking the interest of fans with it’s upcoming release, FIFA 14.  For the PS4 and Xbox ONE versions, the brand new Ignite engine will be powering everything, which means that both gameplay as well as graphics will be significantly increased up from other iterations of the title meant for previous consoles.  Expect incredibly realistic movements from players, increased intelligence, as well as improved crowd dynamics.  All in all, FIFA 14 represents a significant step forward for the series it would seem.

FIFA 14 ps4

5.  Call of Duty: Ghosts

When it comes to FPS series, the Call of Duty franchise has really made waves across the entire video game industry.  Each console has its assorted choices of CoD titles to choose from and it would seem that the PS4 is starting things off right with “Ghosts”.  Aside from great visuals and excellent gameplay, this game will also push the envelope further with regards to its multiplayer options, this time around integrating dynamic environments which will further challenge players.

Call of Duty Ghosts ps4

4.  Killzone: Shadow Fall

The Killzone series has become a staple of the PlayStation brand with its distinctive, high-intensity FPS gameplay.  In this latest installment, “Killzone: Shadow Fall”, you are thrust between the Vektan and Helghast factions who are living in a city separated by a giant wall.  In the midst of this “cold war” you must do your part to keep the peace.  As with all the other launch titles, Shadow Fall features absolutely stellar visuals.

Killzone Shadow Fall ps4

3.  Battlefield 4

After playing Battlefield 4 during trade shows and as part of review programs, many people felt so compelled by the grandiosity of BF4 to go as far as saying that it’s one of the best games they’ve ever played.  Along with the trademark FPS action which the Battlefield series is known for, the title represents a significant achievement in terms of what it’s able to deliver with its graphics and environmental-based gameplay.  Furthermore, this game’s multiplayer element will likely end up being a very popular destination for a great number of new PS4 owners as well.

3. Battlefield 4

2.  Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

In case you weren’t aware already, the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game, the fourth title released by the franchise, “Black Flag”, is truly incredible.  Aside from it’s amazing visuals and unique stealth / action-oriented gameplay, ACIV:BF also features a massive open-world map which transports us directly into pirate-themed territory.  Being able to jump on your boat the Jackdraw with your crew of rapscallions and run down another ship to do battles is nearly as satisfying as exploring the absolutely gigantic over world in search of treasures.

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

1.  Watch Dogs

Since this article was written this game has been delayed and wont be out until 2014. If there’s one game that nearly everyone seems to be extremely hyped up about, it’s Watch Dogs.  Quite simply, this game is seeking to blend the core elements from many other titles into one potent brew. What exactly will this amazing game allow you to do? Check out 10 awesome things you’ll be able to do in Watch Dogs. You have the parkour-like movements from the Assassin’s Creed series, the freedom to engage in roaming mayhem a la GTA, and of course it’s very own unique hacking concept which adds quite a bit of depth to the gameplay.  Watch Dogs actually allows you to delve into the personal lives of the random NPC’s as well as explore the massive, slightly twisted version of Chicago.  In short, it’s a completely new IP that shows an incredible amount of promise in the near and far-flung future.

watch dogs

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