Japan PS4 store pre-orders begin by storm

You’d think that Japanese consumers would get the PlayStation 4 first, right? After all, Sony is Japanese. Interestingly, the PlayStation 4 won’t be available in Japan until February 2014 (after the US and European launch).

Using the internet to pre-order consoles is slowly becoming the norm in Japan. However, there are still many hardcore fans that prefer to take the traditional option. Pre-orders for the PS4 begin today in Japan, and you’ll already find a queue starting to form (4 months before release) at many of the gaming shops for those wanting to get their name down first. The Japanese gaming website, Inside Games, has reported that swarms of gamers have queued at their local gaming stores (images courtesy of Inside Games), throughout Japan, in order to guarantee their name is one of the first on the pre-order list, ensuring they get the PS4.

PS4Preorder-Japan-lines 2
PS4Preorder-Japan-lines 3
PS4Preorder-Japan-lines 4
PS4Preorder-Japan-lines 5
PS4Preorder-Japan-lines 6
PS4Preorder-Japan-lines 7
PS4Preorder-Japan-lines 8PS4Preorder-Japan-lines

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