4 Upcoming PS4 Releases You Might Not Have Heard About

It seems fair to say that some of the smaller titles don’t generate the attention that the larger franchises do. Yet, many of these smaller games end up providing plenty of entertainment value, sometimes more so than the heavy hitting releases. With that said, this article takes a look at four upcoming games that look interesting. Let’s begin.

Dangerous Golf

dangerous golf

One of the more relaxing sports, golf doesn’t entertain the mass appeal that soccer, football and others do – and this is even more evident with gamers. Your typical gamer tends to gravitate towards action-packed titles that provides the adrenalin flight or fight kick. Not just this, but the golfing games on offer haven’t really impressed to-date, take for example, PGA Tour; a very mediocre release from EA. Yes, golf has lush environments that can also look amazing visually on your gaming console, but that’s about as far as it goes, unless you’re actually a fan of the sport.

So, how do you turn what many consider a boring sport into something many want to engage with? This is a question that the makers of Dangerous Golf have attempted to answer. Imagine golf on steroids with a whole new aggressive attitude. Forget perfecting the perfect putt on a green that is so clean you could eat from it, this title does the complete opposite. Players will be urged to destruct the environments by smashing 1000s of objects – you’ll be rewarded with points based on the havon you’re causing. Littered with action, the multiplayer mode will allow you to go a little crazy with other like-minded people. Due out this month, you don’t have long to wait.

Carmageddon: Max Damage

Carmageddon Max Damage

Here we have a title that has the perfect ingredients to win over fans of the vehicular combat genre. Veterans of the series will probably remember its original console release on PlayStation back in 1999. The core formula will be unchanged, even though it was greeted with controversy over 16 years ago – yes the game was actually banned in some countries. However, running over pedestrians as an element within today’s games is regarded as rather tame, back then, not so. With 30 vehicles, 10 open environments and 90 power-ups, there shouldn’t ever be a dull moment. Are you ready to wreak mayhem against your opponents? This title is expected to release later this year.

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Insurgency Sandstorm

Many would say that it’s time we see a new franchise enter the first-person-shooter arena that is good enough to take on the two big players. With Activision’s Call of Duty appearing to progressively be lacklustre within the ideas department, now could be the perfect time for a new FPS franchise to be take off. The real question, however, is weather Insurgency: Sandstorm will be the one to achieve this accolade. Interestingly, Insurgency stemmed from a Half-Life 2 mod, which received rave attention within the PC gaming community. The transition is now to consoles, but can Insurgency: Sandstorm impress enough to generate the sales needed to help advance the series? If it does, the Call of Duty and Battlefield dominance could slowly be challenged. Set for a 2017 release, this game is expected to combine elements from the two mentioned franchises whilst also bringing to the table some fresh ideas. To put things simply, it’s a FPS that will attempt to do things differently – something that many are sure to welcome. The visuals look stunning and will be powered by the Unreal 4 engine. Are you as excited about this title as I am?


PS4 Dreams game

Most games stick to the obvious and mainstream formulas, yet Dreams is set to be a fine example of how developers can get creative and come up with ideas that are completely foreign to gamers. Yet, it’s these new concepts which can create the platform for others to develop from. Dreams will be a PS4 exclusive, which will take advantage of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR. So, what makes this game unique? It’s the ability to create your own items and characters whilst also having the ability to manipulate the environment. Ultimately, the game becomes the canvas and you become the artist – imagine it as the PlayStation edition of Photoshop, kind of. What’s more, the combination of levels and puzzles are what turn the experience into a game. Having the ability to create your own levels and then share them for others to enjoy is sure to be a popular feature. Miles away from your typical game release, Dreams is ready to cross the boundaries, and whilst it might not attract mass appeal, it’s sure to be attractive for those with a creative mind-set.

That brings us to the end of this article. Which titles are you excited about? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

James Allsopp

Jay is the Founder / Admin and Editor in Chief here at PS4 Home. Jay is dedicated to gaming, blogging & web enterprise. If you like the effort I have put in to this site and the content, then feel free to see my Amazon wishlist. Highly appreciated.

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