8 Reasons Why Dark Souls 3 Is Awesome

Everyone is talking about “Dark Souls 3,” and with good reason! This new PS4 game is complex in a good way— a deep, dark mystery packed with interesting characters, exciting combat, and useful items. The sprawling world you’ll explore hides traps, illusionary walls, and malicious enemies— and that’s just the beginning. Here are just a handful of the reasons why “Dark Souls III” is awesome.

  1. You Can Change Classes.

Classes in “Dark Souls III” aren’t clear-cut categories— you can morph from one to another. For example, if you begin as a tank-like warrior, you can still switch to playing as a sorcerer if that looks more appealing to you later in the game. This flexibility feels amazing after the carefully structured classes in many similar games. If you’re not sure where to begin, try out a pyromancer or knight first.

  1. You Get to Fight Dragons.

They look terrifying, they’re tough to beat, and they’re incredibly awesome because— well, because they’re dragons! Need we say more? Don’t skimp on the arrows, persevere, and you’ll be able to say that you triumphed over one of these magnificent creatures.

  1. You’ll Die. A Lot.

How is that a good thing? Well, every death you endure is meaningful—teaching you a new skill, giving you an important clue to beat the enemy, or giving you new strategy ideas. You’ll be an expert in no time, and then you won’t die as much. It’s an awesome feeling to achieve combat prowess in this game, and that only happens through experience.

  1. You Can Run Away.

If you end up in a cluster of tough-looking opponents, you don’t have to give up and resign yourself to another death. You can actually flee. Keep running long enough, and the enemy who is chasing you will finally give up and return to their original position. In fact, you can wound the enemy, run away, come back and wound him again, and repeat the process till he dies. It takes a while, but it’s one way to beat an opponent who is stronger than you.

  1. You Won’t See the Whole Plot Instantly.

Tired of games with bland, boring plots that you can guess immediately? That’s not “Dark Souls III.” The plot is complex, multi-layered, and fascinating. You may not understand all the factors and characters right away, but that’s part of what makes the game worth your time.

  1. You Can Choose to Look Cool.

Your armor does protect you in battle, so you want something strong. However, there is so much armor and clothing available in the game that you can afford to pay a little more attention to style than you might in other games. Instead of stressing over specs, focus on making yourself look weird or wonderful; it’s all part of the fun!

  1. You Can Fight Like an Expert.

Once you learn a few basic rules about timing, you’ll be dodging, parrying, and landing blows like a pro. One trick is to wait until the last second, right before your enemy strikes you with a blow, and then dodge it swiftly, retaliating with a few strikes of your own before your opponent regains his balance from his charge. Don’t hold your shield up constantly; that drains your stamina recovery time. Just put the shield up right when the opponent starts the attack. You’ll be able to defend yourself and save your stamina as well.

  1. You Can Get Help.

Whether you’re rescuing spell users from the Undead Settlement or recruiting other characters to assist you with tough fights, you’re not in this alone. If you’re having a hard time beating a boss, summon an NPC to help you out. Feeling lonely? Connect with actual players and meet up with friends using the “Dark Souls III” password system.

What are some of your top reasons for playing “Dark Souls III” on PS4? Share your tips and tricks for the game in the comments!

Rebecca Kenney

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