Fun Facts About the PlayStation 4 and Console Gaming

Let’s see how well you know the console gaming community and your PS4. And if you don’t own a PlayStation 4 yet, these fun facts just might prompt you to click the “Submit Order” button today!


Fact #1: 80 Per Cent of Households Own a Console.

Let’s start with the big picture— an quick glimpse of just how many people console gaming touches each year. Approximately 4 out of 5 households in the United States own a video game console. In 2013, over half of the households in the United Kingdom owned a video game console; and that number continues to grow.

Fact #2: 155 Million Americans Play Video Games Regularly.

Okay, so this one is about gamers in general, but it’s still interesting. And if you want to know what “regularly” means, according to this particular study it’s more than 3 hours per week. Does that make you a gamer? We think there’s a need for a category of “super-gamers”— people who play more than 10 hours a week.

Fact #3: All 10 Top-Grossing Games of 2015 Are Available on PS4.

Of the top grossing video games of 2015, all 10 were titles that are available for the PS4. Those favourites include:

Fact #4: The PS4 Has Sold Over 9.4 Million Units in the United States.

As of November 2015, the PlayStation 4 has sold more than 9.4 million units since it came out in the United States on November 16, 2013. How does that compare with a certain rival console? The Xbox One has sold 8.5 million units in the U.S. since November 22, 2013. There’s a four-day difference in the timeline, but a difference of almost a million units in sales. In contrast, the Wii U from Nintendo has sold about 4.45 million units during its lifetime.

Fact #5: The PS4 Has Sold Over 40 Million Units Worldwide.

If you think the numbers from the United States PS4 sales are impressive, just take a look at the sales numbers around the globe. For Microsoft’s leading console, units sold worldwide are about half that number, making the PS4 the clear winner, again.

Fact #6: The PS4 Has More “Star Wars: Battlefront” Players than the Xbox One and Windows PCs Combined.

In late November of 2015, Player Stats Network claims that the number of players concurrently online for “Star Wars: Battlefront” on a PS4 peaked at 188,171. For Windows PCs, the peak within the same time period was 48,292. For the Xbox One, the number reached 113,696. You do the math— it’s obvious that the PS4 is the preferred console for this amazing game!

Fact #7: The PS4 Measures Just 10.8 Inches by 12 Inches by 2 Inches.

Those measurements are taken from its widest points. The Xbox One is larger and chunkier, measuring 13.5 inches by 10.4 inches by 3.2 inches. So if you’re looking for a slim, sleek, and powerful console, the PS4 is the champion without question.

How many of these facts did you already know? Did we miss any key statistics? Tell us in the comments!

Rebecca Kenney

My favourite gaming console is the PS4, of course, and in my spare time I love to write.

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