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Barring some of the problems suffering at launch, Battlefield 4 is a truly great FPS that somehow finds a way to pack an amazing amount of content into a one-time purchase.  The concept of serialized game development isn’t really anything particularly new to the hardcore gaming crowd (as a concept) though, many other franchises have benefited from meticulously developing their formulas over lengthier stretches of time.  For instance, they might seek to improve on signature gameplay elements, the engine, visuals, or all of the above.  At any rate, EA Digital Illusions CE has certainly learned their lessons, which is clearly evidenced by the high marks of their latest release, Battlefield 4, which pushes their meticulously crafted envelope even further that its predecessor.


While it’s clear that a lot of people don’t necessarily play BF games for the story, it would seem that the one featured in BF4 is pretty intriguing.  Those with a penchant for history or war-themed entertainment will probably get a kick out of the violent ménage a trios that plays out between the 3 factions featured in the game – the U.S., Russia and of course, China.  This game doesn’t really pull any punches; it hits you hard with everything it has, replete with epically-scaled events, no less.  However, don’t think for a second that the game’s developers don’t have a few tricks up their sleeves…


For those unaware, one of the main things that make Battlefield 4 such a special title is the fact that it’s built upon an entirely new engine – Frostbite 3.  Needless to say, this fresh, dynamic development means that BF fans can experience stunningly realistic graphics as well as particle effects on an entirely new level.  Moreover, since the PS4 is really a performance-based console, BF4 makes for a perfect companion.  In other words, this game looks fantastic and the fact that you can now directly affect the environment (being able to destroy buildings and so forth) makes the action is all the more sweet.



Battlefield 3 fans will certainly feel right at home with “BF4”, but it bears repeating that certain alterations have been made.   Perhaps the most important addition is that of the large-scale destructive events that you can trigger when participating in a multiplayer match.  Each one is different, corresponding to the unique (and terrific) design of each map.  For instance, you might be able to blow up a dam in one, or perhaps completely devastate a high rise structure; in either instance, these events force everyone in the room (up to 64 players at once) to adjust, which is something the craftier gamers will no doubt use to their advantage.  In short, the multiplayer portion of this great title is perhaps one of the best currently available on the PS4; FPS addicts will want to spend hours, days, weeks and even months with this game, guaranteed.



As both a great game in its own right and a worthy addition to the Battlefield pantheon, BF4 is a very special title that perfectly caters to the desires of online shooter fans.  Naturally, fans of the series will also fall madly in love with the game as well, deriving great pleasure from all its new features and meticulously constructed visuals.

Rating – 8.2

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