Best Cases To Use A VPN To Lower Your Ping

Don’t you just hate it when you are gaming and you have a high ping? Of course, you do because a high ping can destroy any fun online. If you have a high ping, you will likely be experiencing a lot of lag throughout the game. It doesn’t matter what genre of game you are playing: MMOs, shooters, MOBAs, or fighters. Your gaming experience will be frustrating if you play with a high ping. It will also leave you at a disadvantage. No one wants to play a competitive game at a disadvantage to other players.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways to lower your ping. You could try getting better internet, stop using wifi, try to play on an isolated network, or use a VPN. Upgrading your internet is the best option but, might be the most expensive if you don’t have the budget. Using an ethernet cable instead of wifi will lower your ping, but isn’t always an option when on the go.

Using a VPN is a great solution if you find that the other methods don’t seem to be working. So I am going to explain how using a VPN can lower your ping. I will also be listing some good VPNs to use to help lower your ping.

Before getting started, it is best to know what ping is and how it affects your gameplay.

What Is Ping?

In gaming, ping is used to describe the delay between a player’s input from their computer or client to another’s. Ping is measured in milliseconds, the lower the better. Having a ping around and below 75ms is good for smooth gameplay. However, once that ping starts getting higher and above 100ms, you might start experiencing some delay.

Ping affects certain games differently. For games that require quick decisions and consistent smooth gameplay, like shooters and fighters, you will want a ping as low as possible. While online card games like Hearthstone or MMOs, you can get away with a higher ping. However, extremely high ping will make any game almost unplayable.

Can A VPN Lower Your Ping?

Is it possible that a VPN can lower your ping? The answer is yes, it is certainly possible that a VPN can lower your ping. However, there are only a few certain cases where this is possible. A terrible internet provider or slow internet connection can not be fixed by a VPN. It might help slightly, but you will still be stuck with terrible internet.

When Can A VPN Lower Your Ping

One case where a VPN can help lower ping is if you are playing in a public place. Some people are always on the move and can only game in public places where the wifi is shared. Cafes, hotels, and office buildings are good examples of these. If you find that you are one of these people, it may be best to get a VPN to lower your ping.

When using a wifi connection that is shared with a lot of other people, there might be throttling in place. Some public places will also block users on their network from going to certain sites. With a VPN, the establishment’s ISP (Internet Service Provider) won’t be able to see what you are visiting. A VPN will work around the throttling and blocking to help lower your ping for gaming.

Another case when using a VPN can lower your ping is because of bottlenecking. A bottleneck or bottlenecking is a term for a system that is slowed due to limited resources. The bottleneck occurs in a network when there are too many users attempting to access a specific resource. When this happens, your ping will usually be a lot higher during this time. To combat this, use a VPN to lighten the resources and get around the bottleneck. Using a VPN will connect to a different path not provided by the ISP, thus this should lower your ping.

The last case in which someone may use a VPN to lower their ping is when connecting to a different server. More specifically, a geographical server. For example, some games have different servers named NA West, NA East, or Europe. You can then use a VPN to connect to a different server than what your ISP provides. Depending on your location this can lower ping. Also, if the server happens to have lower players, the ping, in general, will be better due to less stress on the servers.

If you are looking for a few VPNs that lower your ping when gaming, you can try one of these:

· Nord VPN

· Atlas VPN

· Express VPN

These are just a few, you can check out more details of each and more on the link above. When choosing a VPN, it is always important to research to find out which one is best for you. Find one that offers speed and security while also being affordable for you. It is best to also find a VPN service that has plenty of servers around the world to increase speed and ping.


I hope this helped you in deciding if getting a VPN will help you lower ping. If you fall into one of the cases above, a VPN might be a good solution to your ping problem. There is no downside to having a VPN even if it doesn’t reduce your ping. You will have increased security and privacy when browsing and have multiple servers to choose from. In short, VPNs aren’t a magic way to reduce ping but under certain circumstances, they can help.

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