Top Best PS VR Games [2020]

PlayStation VR is here to stay. With PS5 lead architect Mark Cerny’s recent confirmation that Sony’s next console will support PS VR, as well as the probability that it’ll play PS4 games, there’s never been a better time to invest. Whether you’ve already got yourself a PS VR kit or whether you’re looking to get started with one, you’re probably wondering what the best PS VR games on PS4 are right now. Wonder no more.

Here are the top PS VR games to keep you entertained with you virtual reality headset. Let’s begin.

Red Matter

This is a game that received a lot of praise due to its amazing graphics, but the story will equally pull you in. It’s a sci-fi where you play as a government agent who has a mission on an abandoned enemy moon. You’ll have to uncover what caused a sudden evacuation and follow the traces that were left behind. There’s also political substance lying withing this puzzling world, and it’s almost like a spin-off of our world back in the ’60s.

Resident Evil 7 biohazard

There really is no better application for VR tech than outright horror, and there’s no better game for that than Resident Evil 7 biohazard. Capcom’s soft reboot takes everything great about the franchise and removes all the stuff that doesn’t work, creating a horror classic that will stand the test of time. It’s terrifying in VR, too.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Yes, we’re all familiar with the joke that Skyrim has been ported to every platform going and still has time to be ported to graphical calculators. The reason for that ubiquity is that Skyrim is a great game. VR lends itself perfectly to the game’s swashbuckling mix of high-fantasy exploration, side-questing, and timesink crafting.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

They just don’t make games like they used to…or do they? Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a wonderfully quaint platformer developed specifically for PS VR. It’s a beautiful evocation of a bygone era featuring the most adorable robot protagonist since Pixar’s WALL.E. If you don’t love Astro Bot, you might not have a pulse. This might be the game that could make you purchase PSVR headset if you haven’t by now. Many call it the best game of this generation and compare it to Nintendo’s Super Mario 64. But why do people love it so much? Astro Bot is a package of nostalgia, creativity, and maximum use of PSVR technology and its possibilities. If you choose to embark on this playful and engaging adventure, you’ll follow a little hero robot who needs to save his friends and travel to five worlds.

Superhot VR

The original Superhot was excellent, but VR makes this a truly transformative experience. The strategic gameplay meshes perfectly with the immersive quality of virtual reality, making you feel like you’re really there as you execute on perfectly-timed decisions and plans. This is an unmissable VR experience.

Firewall: Zero Hour

Nothing says “immersion” like squad-based tactical shooters, and it’s this experience Firewall: Zero Hour is offering. Nothing feels quite as lifelike as the tension and excitement of exploring a dilapidated building and clearing it of its terrorist occupants. If you love shooters, you need to check out Firewall: Zero Hour yesterday.

Beat Saber 

Music fans need look no further for the definitive VR game than Beat Saber. Imagine Star Wars-style lightsaber combat crossed with Audiosurf and Rez and you’re in the right ballpark. Beat Saber combines the cathartic joy of Guitar Hero with the pummelling power fantasy of a fighter, and pulls this combo off effortlessly. Technologically-wise, this game is not very demanding, and you can even use PS VR’s basic single-camera tracking. This game is one of the best games launched in 2018, and it received a lot of praise, and it’s easy to comprehend why. What makes it so distinctive is that it’s based on rhythm, and it doesn’t follow real-life activities. Instead, you need to slash a floating stream of red and blue boxes in the right direction, with the correct saber, at the exact time. However, to be successful, you’ll need some practice and boosting forethought. But to genuinely enjoy this game’s challenges and thrills, you should also enjoy electronic music because here, it basically makes the game.

Tetris Effect 

From the realms of the hardcore we move to the calming influence of Tetris Effect. Nobody would have thought Tetris would work in VR, but here it is: irrefutable proof that it does. The sedate-yet-tense puzzling of Tetris goes hand-in-hand with a series of calming backdrops to create the ultimate relaxing VR experience. It would be a hard task to find someone who is not familiar with this classic and doesn’ hold at least a bit of love for it. Some might wonder how does Tetris work in VR, but it works in a way that leaves you hypnotized, enjoying this improved iconic experience. The gameplay is loyal to the original, and you still need to manage a set of falling blocks, fitting them together without letting them pile up and touch the upper edge. But the game is sharper and clearer in VR. Thus it offers novel twists that will make it more challenging.

Rez Infinite

Speaking of Rez, here’s the definitive way to experience that early PS2 classic. Rez Infinite has been remixed and remastered by the original development team to bring you a synaesthetic experience of colour, lights, and sounds. There’s also an incredibly solid rail shooter in here to enjoy, so fill your wire-frame boots. We can’t miss mentioning a game that was ahead of time from its early beginnings. Almost as if it was meant to include a VR feature. The game always focused on a simple gameplay, without wasting too much time on dazzling 3D graphics. However, the improved VR version contains the original five levels, and you will enjoy these stunning visuals. You might find it a bit short, but you can always replay, and it will ensure that you make the most of every minute.

Creed: Rise to Glory 

This game might have been a movie tie-in, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less brilliant. Creed: Rise to Glory is the boxing sim to end all boxing sims. With its immersive Phantom Melee fighting system and its gorgeous, crisply-rendered graphics, Creed: Rise to Glory will be a mainstay in any fighting fan’s PS VR rotation for years to come.


Japanese company From Software has made its name largely through ultra-difficult action-RPGs, which is what makes Déraciné such an unexpected joy. You play as a spirit seeking to prove its existence to a group of students in a boarding school. This is a delightfully odd and off-kilter game that should appeal to fans of magical realism.

DiRT Rally 

Many gamers will have fond memories of Colin McRae Rally on the original PS1. Those games had an unprecedented sense of realism and immersion, but DiRT Rally’s VR pack takes it one step further. You’ll feel every hairpin turn and almost taste the dirt flying past your car’s windshield. DiRT Rally is also an excellent driving game in its own right.


Few games accurately simulate the feeling of being stuck on a hostile alien planet like Farpoint does. This first-person shooter is full of beautifully exotic geography and immersive gunplay. Make no mistake: this is no gimmicky VR-centric title. Instead, it’s a fully-realised game with beautifully-integrated virtual reality support.

Doom VFR 

Be warned: this one is strictly not for those under the age of 18. DOOM VFR casts players as a cybernetic survivor activated by the UAC to battle demons and save the Mars facility they’re attacking. As brutal power fantasies go, DOOM VFR takes some beating, transporting the balletic violence of id Software’s triumphant 2016 DOOM into a virtual reality space.

A Fisherman’s Tale 

If you want to see just how VR can be used as an immersive platform and create exciting new gameplay styles simultaneously, look no further than A Fisherman’s Tale. This adorable puzzler contains some real brain-teasers, using the PS VR in a way that augments the challenge and never feels gimmicky.

Wipeout: The Omega Collection 

Who can say they’ve never dreamed of actually taking part in one of the Wipeout series’ trademark vertiginous races? Wipeout: The Omega Collection puts you in the driving seat through a series of breakneck rampages through gorgeous courses. There’s also a pretty substantial career mode, so this is no meagre offering.

Ace Combat 7

Speaking of immersive experiences…Ace Combat 7 is surely the ultimate expression of what our dads always wanted from flight simulators: a feeling of actually being in the pilot seat. The difference here is you’re engaged in some of the most tense and exciting dogfights in the series and also taking part in a surprisingly fully-fledged narrative.

Job Simulator

This is one for the more quirky gamer out there. Job Simulator is…well…just that. Have you ever wanted to work a normal job, but in a slightly more surreal setting than yours? Job Simulator will cater to you. There’s something weirdly relaxing about this game that puts us in mind of life sims like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. There’s a sense of humour and wry satire about proceedings that keeps this game from ever feeling boring.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Far better than the other Until Dawn-related VR offering The Inpatient, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a campy thrill ride that distils everything great about the original down to its essence. This might be a rail shooter, but it’s still more than capable of competing with the best horror experiences out there.

Rec Room

We end on something of a curio. Rec Room is more of a PlayStation Home-style virtual hangout space for you and your buddies than an actual game. It does contain plenty of very diverting activities to enjoy, though, putting it head and shoulders above the average VR chat room experience.

The Inpatient 

I first heard about The Inpatient through a commercial on TV for the PS VR. I was interested and decided I had to go and check it out. The Inpatient is a horror game that is supposed to be a prequel to the very successful, Until Dawn. The game takes place over 60 years before Until Dawn. The main character wakes up in a sanitorium strapped to a wheelchair where he gets questioned by a man who works at the sanitorium and claims to want to help. The game is choice based. The choices the player makes throughout the game will affect what happens in the storyline and what ending the player will earn.

Resident Evil 7

Horror is probably one of the best genres to play on a VR headset as it makes the game that much scarier. PS VR has quite a few horror games, including none other than the great Resident Evil 7. While the PS VR isn’t required to play this game, it does add a new edge to the gameplay. Resident Evil 7 is one of the best entries in the Resident Evil series in years and arguably one of the best games to be released in recent years for any platform. Resident Evil 7 offers the survival horror gameplay and storyline of the earlier games in the series with the graphics of the more ones. Long time Resident Evil fans will definitely appreciate the latest installment of the series.


Moss is perhaps one of the most pretty and cute games on PS VR! In Moss, the player takes control of a cute little mouse named Quill. Quill is embarking on a journey to help save her uncle from some big trouble. The game is mostly puzzle based like quite a few other games on the PS VR. As I mentioned before, Moss is also a very pretty game! The environments feature lots of forest-y areas making the game a like taking a nice walk through the forest. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to explore verdant forests and solve immersive puzzles as a little mouse, then wonder no more. Polyarc Inc’s Moss is a gorgeous game and a super-enjoyable one to boot. It’s not dissimilar to titles like Zelda and Beyond Good and Evil, so if you’re in the market for something like that then Moss will not disappoint. There’s also many areas with buildings that have stunning architecture. One of the developer’s main goals with this game is to make the players feel like they are in this game and I think they achieved that quite well!


Statik is purely a puzzle game. There’s not much else to it! The player awakens in a chair with some weird, mechanical contraption on their hands. They have to solve various puzzles and try to get them out. Apparently, they are at an institute to study the human mind and how it…solves puzzles? There’s not all that much storyline or answers in this game. That’s one of the main things that have put people off to this game. However, people who are interested in a new, creative type of game and some pretty hard puzzles would probably be interested in playing Statik. 

Wayward Sky

Wayward Sky is puzzle game where the player plays as a young pilot named Bess. After a plane crash, her dad is taken away by a robot and she goes on a journey to try and find him. Wayward Sky is one of the few games that gives Moss a run for its money in terms of being absolutely beautiful! The game is very colorful and bright while having this slightly hazy and dreamlike look to it. Wayward Sky also features great voice acting, great sound effects, and a soundtrack that’s almost as beautiful as the visuals! Like most PS VR games, Wayward Sky actually isn’t a very long game but it is enjoyable throughout its duration.

Harmonix Music VR 

Harmonix is most known for being a forerunner and heavy hitter in the rhythm game genre. With games such as Frequency, Amplitude, and the massively popular competitor of Guitar Hero, Rock Band on their resume, it’s no wonder that the Harmonix released something like Harmonix Music VRHarmonix Music VR is not exactly a game in the traditional sense. It is more akin to a visualizer. The user can play choose an environment and watch as the environment displays visuals that go with the music. There are four different modes on Harmonix Music VR: “The Beach, The Dance, The Trip, and The Easel. The Easel allows the player to create their own personal visual. While most people are not going to enjoy something like this, people who are deeply interested in music, art, or both will probably find Harmonix Music VR very satisfying and relaxing.


Gnog is one of the more creative games on this list. Gnog is based more on exploration and discovery of the game world than on puzzle solving. Gnog is very bright and colorful game but in a different way to something like Wayward Sky. Gnog has great sound effects and a great soundtrack too, but again, in a much different way. Gnog is something that’s hard to explain. It’s like jumping into an abstract painting. So anyone who is interested in art might be really interested in playing this game as well.


Thumper is described by its developers as a “rhythm violence” game. Thumper is very different from any other rhythm game that anyone has ever played before. The easiest way to describe Thumper is that its something like what you’d get if you mixed Amplitude, a roller coaster VR, and air hockey? Just go check it out.

These are the games we think are the best PS VR titles out there. Did we miss any? What’s your opinion? Let us know!

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