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Enter The Virtual Word With These Great PS VR Games

Virtual Reality, or VR, has been something talked about in the Video Game community for decades! Luckily for us gamers, in recent years multiple different companies have started working on and releasing their own VR systems. One of the most popular is the Playstation VR. The PS VR has been talked about quite a bit in the gaming world the last couple of years. PS VR already has quite a bit of games on it that are very creative. It’s no wonder why some people have taken an interest in PS VR as opposed to some of the other VR systems on the market.

The Inpatient 

I first heard about The Inpatient through a commercial on TV for the PS VR. I was interested and decided I had to go and check it out. The Inpatient is a horror game that is supposed to be a prequel to the very successful, Until Dawn. The game takes place over 60 years before Until Dawn. The main character wakes up in a sanitorium strapped to a wheelchair where he gets questioned by a man who works at the sanitorium and claims to want to help. The game is choice based. The choices the player makes throughout the game will affect what happens in the storyline and what ending the player will earn.

Resident Evil 7

Horror is probably one of the best genres to play on a VR headset as it makes the game that much scarier. PS VR has quite a few horror games, including none other than the great Resident Evil 7. While the PS VR isn’t required to play this game, it does add a new edge to the gameplay. Resident Evil 7 is one of the best entries in the Resident Evil series in years and arguably one of the best games to be released in recent years for any platform. Resident Evil 7 offers the survival horror gameplay and storyline of the earlier games in the series with the graphics of the more ones. Long time Resident Evil fans will definitely appreciate the latest installment of the series.


Moss is perhaps one of the most pretty and cute games on PS VR! In Moss, the player takes control of a cute little mouse named Quill. Quill is embarking on a journey to help save her uncle from some big trouble. The game is mostly puzzle based like quite a few other games on the PS VR. As I mentioned before, Moss is also a very pretty game! The environments feature lots of forest-y areas making the game a like taking a nice walk through the forest. There’s also many areas with buildings that have stunning architecture. One of the developer’s main goals with this game is to make the players feel like they are in this game and I think they achieved that quite well!


Statik is purely a puzzle game. There’s not much else to it! The player awakens in a chair with some weird, mechanical contraption on their hands. They have to solve various puzzles and try to get them out. Apparently, they are at an institute to study the human mind and how it...solves puzzles? There’s not all that much storyline or answers in this game. That’s one of the main things that have put people off to this game. However, people who are interested in a new, creative type of game and some pretty hard puzzles would probably be interested in playing Statik. 

Wayward Sky

Wayward Sky is puzzle game where the player plays as a young pilot named Bess. After a plane crash, her dad is taken away by a robot and she goes on a journey to try and find him. Wayward Sky is one of the few games that gives Moss a run for its money in terms of being absolutely beautiful! The game is very colorful and bright while having this slightly hazy and dreamlike look to it. Wayward Sky also features great voice acting, great sound effects, and a soundtrack that’s almost as beautiful as the visuals! Like most PS VR games, Wayward Sky actually isn’t a very long game but it is enjoyable throughout its duration.

Harmonix Music VR 

Harmonix is most known for being a forerunner and heavy hitter in the rhythm game genre. With games such as Frequency, Amplitude, and the massively popular competitor of Guitar Hero, Rock Band on their resume, it’s no wonder that the Harmonix released something like Harmonix Music VR. Harmonix Music VR is not exactly a game in the traditional sense. It is more akin to a visualizer. The user can play choose an environment and watch as the environment displays visuals that go with the music. There are four different modes on Harmonix Music VR: “The Beach, The Dance, The Trip, and The Easel. The Easel allows the player to create their own personal visual. While most people are not going to enjoy something like this, people who are deeply interested in music, art, or both will probably find Harmonix Music VR very satisfying and relaxing.


Gnog is one of the more creative games on this list. Gnog is based more on exploration and discovery of the game world than on puzzle solving. Gnog is very bright and colorful game but in a different way to something like Wayward Sky. Gnog has great sound effects and a great soundtrack too, but again, in a much different way. Gnog is something that’s hard to explain. It’s like jumping into an abstract painting. So anyone who is interested in art might be really interested in playing this game as well.


Thumper is described by its developers as a “rhythm violence” game. Thumper is very different from any other rhythm game that anyone has ever played before. The easiest way to describe Thumper is that its something like what you’d get if you mixed Amplitude, a roller coaster VR, and air hockey? Just go check it out.

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