Reasons Why Bloodborne is Currently the best 8th Gen Exclusive

Bloodborne, developed by From Software and directed by famed games director Hidetaka Miyazaki, was released in March, 2015. Yet within just a short time since its release to the world, the Playstation 4 game has been highly praised from all sectors of the gaming community.

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Interestingly, Bloodborne was exclusively released on 8th generation hardware, and only for the Playstation 4. The following list includes the top reasons why Bloodborne is the top 8th gen exclusive to date.

  1. Made Specifically for 8th Gen Hardware

One of the key reasons why Bloodborne is the best eighth generation game on the market is because right from the beginning, Miyazaki wanted the game to be made exclusively for eighth generation consoles. From the end of 2012, as the “Prepare to Die” edition of Dark Souls was completed, Sony began working with From Software and Miyazaki to develop a game for the eighth gen.

Bloodborne began development from that time, and since then, Miyazaki had wanted to make a game with such depth and detail that it was only possible on eighth generation hardware. Miyazaki’s demand for high end hardware combined with PlayStation’s initial deal with From Software resulted in Bloodborne being an exclusive game only for the 8th generation PS4 console, instead of being a game that was made available for previous generations too.

  1. Graphical Details Matter

Miyazaki took advantage of the 8th generation console exclusivity by ensuring that the visual setting and graphics of Bloodborne matched the high performance of the PS4’s state of the art hardware. For example the developers target framerate for Bloodborne was 30 frames per second as a result of their intricate design choices. Some game developers argue that 30 frames per second delivers more of a “cinematic experience” than 60 frames per second, and arguably From’s choice of 30 fps has made that kind of impact.

The Bloodborne universe of Yharnam is eye catching and alluring. While the setting seems at first glance to be bleak and ruinous, its gothic beauty entices you into a virtual world that is reminiscent of Dracula and vampire mythology. There surely is a sinister vibe as you walk the shrouded, monster filled streets of Yharnam, but all that is intentional so that your imagination is drawn to feel the fear and alarm of the game’s main character. The graphics and the atmosphere all contribute to make it feel like you’re literally there, as From Software have composed the scenes with well-crafted detail.

  1. Fast Paced Gameplay

From Software brings back the game mechanic where you learn how to master the game by dying, and learning from your mistakes each successive time you play. This reintroduces the risk and reward model that has been featured in Miyazaki’s other Souls games. Apart from making the game more compelling, this aspect is actually very necessary as Bloodborne is very fast paced and as challenging. The monsters and deranged Yharnam inhabitants that you battle are aggressive and brutal, which both keeps you on your toes throughout the game and it keeps you glued to the screen. The quick action required high performance hardware like the 8th gen consoles, and this non-stop gameplay is another reason why Bloodborne is the best 8th gen exclusive.

  1. An Engaging Storyline

Bloodborne is also insanely addictive because of its engaging storyline, adding more depth and dimension to the characters and interactive gameplay. When you first begin the game, your character arrives in a strange city called Yharnam, and you’re tasked with finding something called Paleblood. You’re not told much in terms of how you’re supposed to complete your task, nor about what’s really going on in Yharnam, but that adds to the thrilling suspense and curiosity of the setting. This is actually very deliberate, and just like in the Souls games, you’re left to figure out the rest of the plot yourself by exploring the game independently and discovering items and enemy bosses on your own. Instead of the game spoonfeeding you every detail, this method of gameplay is much more realistic, tense and climactic, which is very fitting for the 8th generation’s advanced technology.

  1. Music that Draws You Into the Game

Bloodborne has also been acclaimed for its musical soundtrack. While you’re caught up in epic boss battles, and the art and combat designs amaze you, your senses are fully transported to the diabolic Yharnam via the haunting music. Bloodborne is a gaming experience where your ears are completely immersed in the fantasy universe due to the eerie songs that have been produced by an entire orchestra and professional choir. The secret to the score’s success is that it was firmly rooted in music that genuinely captured the character and atmosphere of the game. The musical pieces make the game iconic for the PlayStation 4’s eighth generation console.

Definitely grab a copy of Bloodborne if you haven’t already, you won’t be disappointed!

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