The Best PS4 Games For May 2023

We’re well into 2023 now, and Sony is showing no signs of discontinuing its phenomenally popular PS4. It’s much, much easier to get hold of a PS5 now, but many gamers are still clinging to their PS4 or PS4 Pro consoles, unwilling to make the jump to the current generation. That’s understandable; while the PS5 has a great library, the PS4’s arguably trumps it, and many people are still waiting for the single killer exclusive that convinces them to jump ship. May 2023 is another great month for PS4 owners, so let’s take a look at some of the best games headed to Sony’s last-gen machine in May.


Hogwarts Legacy (May 5th)

After being released on PS5 earlier this year, Warner Bros’ open-Wizarding-World adventure comes to PS4 in May. As a custom witch or wizard, you’ll navigate Hogwarts in the late 19th century, uncovering an ancient magical secret that could tear the world apart. While you likely won’t meet many of the teachers and students you’ve come to know and love, Hogwarts Legacy will let you openly explore the hallowed grounds of your favourite magical school, so get ready to experience the warmth of nostalgia.


TT Isle of Man 3 (May 11th)

Nacon’s motorcycle racing series is reliably solid, and the studio is gearing up to release another great entry this May. Promising “easy-to-learn and intuitive riding” coupled with realistic physics and cutting-edge visuals, TT Isle of Man 3 features an open-world environment for the first time in the series. You’ll explore that environment to find the game’s challenges and races, including quick race, career mode, online multiplayer, and various weekly and monthly races.


Amnesia: The Bunker (May 16th)

A treat for PS4 owners: Amnesia: The Bunker doesn’t appear to have been announced for PS5 yet, so it’s technically a PS4 exclusive on Sony’s side. Frictional’s newest horror game sends you to an abandoned World War I-era bunker, armed with only a single bullet in your gun. You have other tools available to you, but something is hunting you through this bunker, so you’ll have to be clever with those tools if you want to make it out alive. If Frictional’s other work is anything to go by, this one’s shaping up to be terrifying.


Endless Dungeon (May 18th)

In Endless Dungeon, which takes place in the same shared world as Amplitude and Sega’s other Endless games, you are tasked with reaching the core of an abandoned space station. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as abandoned as you’d like, as it’s overrun with monsters and beasties who are determined not to let you anywhere near the core. You (together with up to two friends) must make your way through the station, building towers and taking down enemies as you go.


Lego 2K Drive (May 19th)

An open-world Lego racing game seems like a no-brainer, so we’re almost surprised it’s taken 2K and Visual Concepts this long to get around to making one. Taking place in the rolling hills of Bricklandia, Lego 2K Drive promises to let you “race anywhere, play with anyone, build your dream rides, and defeat a cast of wild racing rivals”. If you like the classic open-world racing adventures of previous generations, like Burnout Paradise, then this one should be right up your alley.


Glitch Busters: Stuck On You (May 23rd)

Speaking of throwback games…Glitch Busters: Stuck On You boasts a cutesy art style and a classic PS2-style aesthetic, so it should appeal to you if you’ve got any nostalgia for that era of gaming. Together with up to three of your friends, you must prevent viruses from overrunning a futuristic AI, and to do so, you’ll roam across an adorable-looking world full of distinct biomes and crazy enemies to dispatch. This one looks pretty unique, so make sure to check it out if you want something a little different.


The Lord of the Rings: Gollum (May 25th)

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for this one, doesn’t it? Daedalic Entertainment’s stealth adventure will, of course, star everyone’s favourite former hobbit himself as he sneaks around Middle-earth in search of (what else?) the Precious. As you sneak through the game’s world, you’ll need to balance the two sides of your personality; will you let the dastardly Gollum win out over the more human side of Sméagol? Only time will tell.


Humanity (May, TBA)

Humanity is exactly the kind of game that would have turned heads back in the days of the PS2, let alone now. You play as a Shiba Inu (yes, really), and it’s your job to guide massive crowds of humans through puzzle stages. You’ll need to take down enemies, leap over chasms, and push objects out of your way if you want to get these people where they need to go. Imagine Lemmings meets Tokyo Jungle by way of Kurushi Final and you’re most of the way there with this idiosyncratic game.

As you can see, although the PS5 is getting more and more exclusives as time goes on, the PS4 still has its fair share of big hitters arriving in May. You’ll need to pick up a PS5 for tentpole releases like Final Fantasy XVI and Diablo 4 in June, but for now, you can content yourself with the knowledge that your PS4 is still a great gaming machine that can still offer you some excellent gaming experiences.


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