Why We Can’t Wait for the New Spider-Man

If the new, PS4-exclusive Spider-Man game (currently titled… ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’) isn’t on your radar by now, then it’s time to go and get your Spidey-sense checked. Rumors and occasional details had been filtering out about it for a while, but when a new, action-packed trailer dropped at E3 2017, the hype machine went into overdrive.

We’re as excited as anyone about the prospects of everyone’s favorite web-slinger taking over the current console generation. Here are the top four reasons why we can’t wait for Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Come on. It’s Spider-Man!

Spider-Man seems to stoke the imagination of people around the world more than any other superhero. He’s not the strongest, the wisest or the most powerful… but he just might be the most fun. That’s why movie studio big cheeses have created three separate Spider-Man film franchises in the past 15 years.

Despite Spidey’s success on the page and on the big screen, however, we’d argue that there’s never been a truly great Spider-Man game.

Back in 2004, Spider-Man 2 gave us our first real sense of the joy of web-slinging, but it was limited by the technology of the day. Since then, there has basically been a new Spider-Man game every year. For our money, none of them have truly hit the mark, and built on what Spider-Man 2 started.

Still, simply because of Spider-Man’s incredible appeal, we can’t help but get excited all over again at the prospects of a new game. And, this time, we think there’s a better chance than usual that our dreams of a great Spidey game will finally come true. In large part, that’s because it’s being developed by…

Insomniac Games

We may have had a lot of Spider-Man games in the past few years, as we mentioned, but they were actually all published by the same studio: Activision. For the first time in nearly two decades, a different company is getting a crack at it.

Insomniac Games have been responsible for some of the most inventive, most original, and most beloved action franchises in video games. They made their mark first with Spyro, and soon after created Ratchet & Clank (a series which they develop to this day). In 2014, they also created the popular Sunset Overdrive. What do all of those games have in common? They’re smart, funny and entertaining… just like Spider-Man himself! It’s a match made in heaven!

In all seriousness, we really couldn’t have picked a better studio than this to craft a Spidey title. With their proven track record and powers of creativity, Insomniac Games might be just the spark this franchise needs to take it to new heights.

Cinematic Appeal

If you haven’t seen the E3 2017 trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man, go and watch it right now… So, what did you think? Pretty cool, right?!

Part of Spider-Man’s popularity might be rooted in the classic, endearing high school difficulties he goes through to which so many of us can relate. But, let’s be honest; a lot of it is also caused by our desire to see vertigo-inducing action, over-the-top villains, and bad guys getting webbed in the face.

Judging by the trailer, Insomniac Games are delivering perfectly on that front. We wouldn’t want the entire game to be quite this crazy (and, thankfully, Insomniac have already clarified that most of the game won’t be so QTE-heavy), but perfectly-orchestrated, thrilling action scenes like the one in the trailer – even in this day and age – aren’t commonplace in video games.

On top of that, the trailer features a liberal sprinkling of quips, not all of which come from Spidey (see: Spider-Man’s apparent helper, Captain Wantanabe, asking him to “superhero a little faster”). This humor is also an integral part of Spider-Man’s world, and it’s a great sign that Insomniac Games have been sure to incorporate it.

The Big Apple

Of course, there’s one final ingredient in Spidey’s overwhelming popularity that we haven’t touched on yet. That is, of course, that he lives and web-slings in New York City.

The reason that the Sam Raimi movies took off so spectacularly is because they showed us New York – surely the world’s most over-filmed city – in a completely new, fantastical way. What would it be like to not simply look up at those towering skyscrapers, but to move in the sky amongst them?

The aforementioned Spider-Man 2 game gave us a taste of this. We still don’t think a subsequent game has quite nailed it. Based on the trailer, the actual web-slinging in Marvel’s Spider-Man looks to have a brilliant, fluid quality to it. And New York – from the parts of it we saw that weren’t being destroyed by a maniacal helicopter pilot – looks absolutely gorgeous.

According to Insomniac, there’s going to be a pleasingly large chunk of the Big Apple open for exploration too. They’ve teased that it’ll be “four to six times larger” than the already-hefty world of Sunset Overdrive.

Add it all together, and you can see why we’re already looking forward to Marvel’s Spider-Man like a kid looks forward to Christmas.

It’d be foolish to be too confident at this stage, with the final release date still being some time in 2018. That being said, if any studio can finally develop on this superhero’s potential, and deliver the great game comic book fans have been awaiting so long, it’s Insomniac Games.

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Rupet A.
5 years ago

I can’t wait for this game, it looks AMAZING!

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