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Online casinos have gone from strength to strength since their inception in 1997. Online providers have seen a huge spike in demand for accounts, with the industry growing by 11.4% this year alone. So, what is behind this rise in popularity?

  • Online casinos can be easily accessed from home on a variety of devices.
  • Faster internet speeds make gameplay smooth.
  • High quality graphics, animations, and sounds offer a premium experience.
  • Deposits and withdrawals utilise online banking technology to make transactions quick and simple.

Games on Offer

The first online casino games were limited to poker, but the industry today offers so much more. Players can find all their favourite table games like poker, baccarat, blackjack, and roulette, as well as bingo and online slot machines for real money. The industry’s ability to provide games that suit everyone’s tastes is another reason why online casinos have exploded.

Multiplatform Functionality

There are so many different ways to play games nowadays and casino games can be found on every one of them. Increased smartphone coverage means that more people than ever have a phone in their pocket which is capable of playing top quality games. Online casinos have adapted their websites to work on mobiles and tablets and created app versions which can be installed onto the devices themselves.

But it is not just the real money games which are available across different platforms. Casino games are so popular that there are also free-to-play apps where players do not need to use their own money, competing instead with virtual ‘play’ money. These are great for people who enjoy games like poker and blackjack, but do not want to put their own cash on the line, or for people to play while they learn the games.

Mobile casinos are now more popular than any other online format. Being able to play on your mobile means that players have flexibility with where and when they grab a game: on the commute, in a lunch break, or at home in the evening, entertainment is no longer limited by location.

Mobile casinos have grown popular as people can play at a time that suits them.


Console Gaming

Console gaming has become big business, with more households than ever owning a home gaming device. The PS4 has held the majority market share for most of the last decade, with more than 114 million units sold. It’s superior graphics and processing capabilities made it the console of choice amongst serious gamers. No wonder it is the most successful console in gaming history.

The PS4 is also capable of running an internet browser, and many people use this as a way to access online casinos. The high quality of modern games means that they look as good on the bigger screen of a tv as they do on a mobile or tablet. Of course, there are also casino-themed games for the PS4 which do not ask you to deposit your own money. Some of the big titles like Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 include casino storylines as part of their whole experience, while other games base their entire gameplay around the casino experience.

Top Casino Games on the PS4

  • Four Kings Casino and Slots: This MMO (massively multiplayer online) transports virtual you into a fully functioning casino populated by other players from all over the world. Create your own avatar and navigate around the casino floor, stopping at which ever tables take your fancy. All the favourite games are available including poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots, but you can also wander around and socialise with other players, try different rooms, and meet up for games with friends. It is the closest to a real-life casino experience, right in your living room.
  • Prominence Poker: As the name suggests, this is a poker game, and it comes with a thrilling storyline that sees you battling your way from poker newbie to card king through the dark underbelly of the illegal poker circuit. The poker on offer is gritty and realistic and there are more consequences to losing than just having to reset your bank balance. For poker fans who love a thrill, this is a great little game, and what’s even better is it’s free to play!
  • High Roller Casino: Another MMO that lets you create a character and explore a virtual online casino. It is easy to meet up with friends and play online at one of the many table games on offer. You will find everything that you’d expect to find in High Roller Casino, and a couple of things you wouldn’t – like bingo! Switch easily from roulette to the slots or a hand of poker and enjoy the faithfully recreated casino setting.

There are a variety of casino games that can be played on a PS4.


The Future of Casino Gaming

Technology keeps evolving and the gaming industry is keen to stay at the forefront. One of the biggest developments in recent years in virtual reality gaming and casino games offer a great opportunity to use this innovative technology. You can become your avatar and fully immerse yourself in the casino, experiencing the digital world in 360 degrees. The PS4 is a leader in VR technology, so expect PS4 casino games to make good use of this soon.

In Summary

Casino games are predicted to continue to rise in popularity for the next few years as more and more people discover the fun that can be had around the virtual baize. But with these great PS4 games there is never any need to put your real cash on the line, allowing you to enjoy the games free from the stress of losing money.

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