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Dynamighty’s “CounterSpy” has arrived on the PS4 scene delivering exactly the sort of stylish stealth-based side-scrolling action that a lot of gamers crave.  Not surprisingly, it’s also a title which is able to generate a great sense of 3D, which again is what makes its design so appealing.  Combine that with the way it references cold war attitudes and loose military-themed tropes and you have a game that generates its own mystique.  You assume the role of C.O.U.N.T.E.R., which is (as its name implies) is an organization which seeks to counter the plots of competing superpowers, both of which are apparently bent on domination through nuclear annihilation.


Take it slow

While you can play CounterSpy in a rough and tumble, reckless fashion, it’s probably best to slow things way down and take progress at a snails pace.  Sure, it might not be the most exciting way to approach the game, but it is certainly more tactically sound than just going in guns blazing.  In this sense, the game is less “James Bond” and much more “Splinter Cell”.  Truth be told, stealth is your best friend, allowing you to easily breach and navigate through whatever areas you come across.  Additionally, since this game utilizes some procedurally generated levels you basically HAVE TO be more methodical in the way you progress, which again is kind of the point.   At the same time, you really don’t want the base DEFCON level to rise, which is yet another reason to be slow and stealthy.

Absorb intel

Information, intel, messages…anyone that’s played any type of platformer before should be readily familiar with receiving in-game notes and directions.  More often than not however, we tend to expect these messages to appear and sort of tune them out, usually in the pursuit of action.  Well, in a game like CounterSpy you really need to pay close attention to every little tidbit of intel that you receive, partially because it will likely contain relevant clues you can use.


Basically, you should already know the drill here – if it isn’t nailed down and you can pick it up, grab it.  The game doesn’t feature an incredible amount of stash but there are goodies to be found for sure.  In other words, anything you can find which can contribute to a successful mission make sure it is in your possession.

Formulas are your friend

At the same time that you are attempting to collect launch plans you should also be finding “formulas”.  These are nifty little upgrades which you can use to increase your spy’s abilities, so spare no effort in tracking them down, you’ll thank yourself later (especially when the difficulty ramps up a bit).

Be vicious

While it’s certainly advised that you take things slowly at all times, once base personnel are alerted to your presence it’s time to go into “Rambo mode”.  Immediately approach any closely positioned guards and dispatch them with a few karate chops while seamlessly brandishing your firearm to take down more remotely positioned enemies.  In other words, shut them down as soon as possible at every turn.

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