Do Online Casino Games and PS4 Share Transferable Skills?

Being skilled at the PlayStation may seem like a characteristic we are born with like eye colour or our hand dominance. But our abilities on the PS4 are actually down to almost everything we did up to that point – from how we perceived the world to how we used our hands and developed our reaction times. The sum of our PS4 abilities is down to the parts that make them up. A large portion of this skill comes from our practice time on the console, but we can get better at gaming by doing other things. How could online casino games help us improve our PS4 abilities?

Slots to Build Level-Headedness

In the same way that video games can give us transferable skills, so too can casino games. These online casino games can help us build our transferable skills when it comes to video games. For example, one of the key skills needed when playing games, especially when playing with others, streaming to an audience, or reaching far into a game, is our ability to keep a level head under pressure. Playing online slots can help us build a tolerance to tense moments, which could help us to handle them better.

Online slot games take several themes, each of which is imbued with a sense of atmosphere, tension, and excitement. For instance, the Book of Dead slot found online is themed around an Indiana-Jones style character who is making his way through tombs and catacombs. The game uses music and imagery, as well as the format itself, to build excitement and tension. Being able to cope with the tension and still keep a level-head is a skill that can then be transferred to playing PS4 games.

Poker to Build Strategic Thinking

Another key skill necessary to be a good PS4 player is to be able to make decisions. Once you progress through games, the success of each stage comes down to deductive reasoning and using the game mechanics, information you’ve been given, and hints and tips to decide what to do next. Sometimes the solution isn’t clear-cut and straightforward and relies on you thinking outside the box. It’s this kind of strategic thinking that can be improved through playing another online casino game: poker.

Playing poker is a skill that many people covet. It involves weighing up the odds quickly, without revealing anything, and then making a decision strategically using a limited set of information. The more you play poker, the more you’ll feel confident in making these decisions outside the game. By being able to think strategically – both logically and laterally – you will be able to get to the crux of a situation faster and understand what to do in the game better.

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Roulette to Build Risk Awareness

When playing certain games, especially those that involve other players, an element of risk comes into play. Capture the flag missions, anything covert, or even fast-paced first-person shooters rely on making a break for it and capitalising on a moment of surprise. Each of these boils down to being able to make risky decisions. This isn’t being overly reckless, but in being able to analyse the risk and make the decision to act on the analysis. Playing the game of roulette could help desensitise the risk-averse parts of your brain.

Roulette comes down to luck, which is why it is such a popular and exciting game. As the wheel spins, there are so many possibilities – some in your favour and others actively working against you. There is no guarantee that the ball will land on the red you have placed all your chips on, even if it has landed in black for the past five turns. But playing roulette allows you to be able to make these risky decisions without second-guessing or overthinking. This could be beneficial to gaming.

It may seem like the only way to get better when playing the PS4 is to play more PS4 but moving to another gaming format could actually help you improve your abilities. Online casino includes a host of transferable skills that will help you up your game.

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