Three of the Best Casino Games on PS4

If there is one thing that PlayStation 4 is made for, it’s providing hours of immersive entertainment. Acting as a portal to new worlds and action-packed stories, it can transport us from the mundanity of everyday life to a realm where every second is filled with some fresh excitement.

This ability to entertain is something PS4 and casino games have in common, so, when you make the decision to combine the two, endless hours of fun are guaranteed. This reasoning was, perhaps, the rationale behind developing the titles in this list, which bring all the adrenaline-fuelled excitement of gambling and combine it with the immersive entertainments afforded by your PlayStation.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

If there is an all-out winner for the best casino-themed game on PS4, then it would have to be this title. Created by Digital Leisure Inc., it was originally released in 2015 and has remained popular ever since. Immersing the player in a realistic casino setting which heavily mirrors its real-life counterpart, it allows you to create and play as a personalised 3D avatar.

The game aims to conjure a real-world Vegas casino, which comes complete with a host of popular games. For those who want to try the bona fide article to see how it compares to the video game, you can do so online. With plenty of internet providers listed at directory sites like Bonus Finder, where you can also find an in-depth article on the various promotions that are available on the numerous online casinos out there.

At these casinos, you’ll discover all of the popular games which are available in this PS4 simulated version, from Texas Hold’em to blackjack, bingo, roulette, slot games, and more. As well as playing the games themselves, you can also socialise, observe other players, and just generally enjoy the glitz and glamour of Vegas.

High Roller Casino

If you want to explore your options, then another title we’d recommend is High Roller Casino. Starting out as a popular casino-themed pinball game in 2001, this came from the brilliant minds at Stern Pinball Arcade.

However, High Roller has progressed hugely since its first incarnation, so that it now rivals Four Kings in terms of its content and complexity. Also aiming to recreate the dazzle and thrill of a Vegas casino, it has the most incredible graphics and audio effects, which will instantly transport you to a new and exciting world.

High Roller also gets an A+ for detail, with many of the casinos featured, such as The Venetian and Bellagio – both existing in real life. Not only this, but it has a great selection of games to try your hand at, from blackjack and poker to hi-lo and craps.

Pure Hold’em

2015 didn’t only give us Four Kings – another casino-themed title released that year was Pure Hold’em, which also deserves a place on this list. One of a series of games that makes up VooFoo’s Pure catalogue, it does exactly what it says on the tin; giving players the opportunity to try their hand at this most popular form of poker.

In terms of simulating a real-life casino experience, this is a game that’s second to none, and it would be very easy to lose yourself in its world and forget that it’s not the authentic article. Indeed, the attention to detail from the designers is incredible, with this being a far more sophisticated take on the action than almost any other title on the market.

Would you be tempted to give any of these titles a try?

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