What are the 4 best PS4 games that feature casinos?

Although the launch of the PS5 may have generated lots of headlines, there is no doubting that the PS4 remains a powerful machine for gaming. With so many sold around the world since it was rolled out to the public, it’s a popular console for gamers in many countries.

One of the major reasons for this is the wide variety of excellent games there are to play on the PS4. This covers all the major genres you would expect – from sports games to first person shooters and racing titles. PS4 games that feature casinos are also popular – but why is this and which are some of the best to check out?

Casino gaming has found a new audience lately

Although playing casino games always been popular in many parts of the world, modern times have seen this activity really take off. iGaming is mainly responsible for this and the convenience of online casinos appeals to many people.

This covers all the major genres you would expect – from sports games such as madden or football games to first person shooters and racing titles.

Recent years have also seen more crossover between different types of gaming and this means more video gamers are interested in trying out casino titles. Although you could do this at a dedicated online casino, you could also check out top video games that feature casinos.

But which are the top examples on PS4 to load up?

1. Four Kings Casino and Slots

If you want to experience the fun atmosphere of casino gaming via your console, this is a great example to start with. One of the main reasons Four Kings Casino and Slots rates so highly is the choice of games it has to check out.

From poker to roulette, blackjack and slots, all the major games you would expect are present. It looks the business and has sharp graphics that really transport you into a glitzy, glamorous casino setting. This casino-based video game also comes with interesting options when you want a different way of having fun – from karaoke to betting on horse races!

2. Pure Hold‘em

There are lots of top-class PS4 games to try in July 2023, in many different genres. If you fancy trying out titles that feature casinos, though, this poker-focused stunner could be the best option. Pure Hold‘em brings all of the drama of poker to console gamers and allows you to really get into the strategy of this casino classic.

As you would expect from a game on this machine, it looks awesome and comes with a top-notch soundtrack to keep players interested. Perhaps the best feature is the online gameplay element that enables you to play with other human players from around the world.

3, Prominence Poker

While Pure Hold‘em might bring that classic taste of poker to the PS4, Prominence Poker adds a fresh twist. This is achieved through its absorbing storyline and the immersive feel that this adds to the gameplay.

The basic plot involves you playing a series of underground poker games in various gritty settings. The main goal is to challenge and beat ‘The Major’, who is the mysterious leader of the town in which the game is set. By mixing the classic gameplay of poker with an exciting storyline, this title is able to offer something different from others on the market.

4. Red Dead Redemption 2

Although the games listed above are based firmly on casino gaming, there are some awesome PS4 games where a casino experience is added on to give players more. While Grand Theft Auto V is a good example, Red Dead Redemption 2 is also worth mentioning.

It is fair to say that the casino mini-games in this Western-themed game are great fun to play and really add to its overall appeal. There is no doubt that the ability to enter authentic looking saloons and play classics like poker or blackjack helps take gamers fully into the Wild West setting.

Top PS4 games that feature casinos to try out

If, as a keen PS4 video gamer, you are looking for something different, why not give titles that feature casinos a whirl? This, of course, is worth considering if you already like to play casino games online or fancy trying out classics like poker – if you haven’t before. The four we have looked at here are all great games to start off with and bring the excitement of casino gaming into your home.

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