Best Casino Games to Play on Your PS4

There is a good chance that you won a PS4. This console is a source of great entertainment and you can play various games for hours. However, maybe sometimes you wish you could play some casino games without having to use your PC. Luckily, there are some great PS4 online casino games that you can try out. 

Before You Start

Before you sign up for any of the casino games on your console, it is essential to refresh your memory on some ground rules for responsible gambling.  If you decide to use your PS4 for browser-based online casinos, it’s important to read some reviews on the safest and best online casinos. For example, if you want to play online slots, you should look for such reviews. You can find reviews on exciting slots here, read them and about their perks and choose a reliable online slots provider. Then, you should refresh your memory on the rules for certain casino games you want to play. Lastly, don’t forget to never chase your losses and to take frequent breaks while playing so you don’t risk it all. 

Prominence Poker

If you love playing poker, then this is a perfect game that will entertain you for hours. Prominence Poker was developed by 505studio and it is a great render of a physical casino. The 3D graphics are realistic, but the only downside of this game is that there is only Texas Hold’em poker that can be played. And even though your choices are limited, this is still one of the best poker games for PS4 out there. Plus, it makes great practice if you want to soon start playing poker in real life, and you get a great opportunity to play against a computer-controlled opponent. 

The Four Kings 

This game is considered one of the most popular titles for the console. It was developed and launched by Digital Leisure Inc. in 2015. The Four Kings is an MMO game creating an incredible 3D and immersive casino experience. You can even customize your avatar in the game and “walk around” the venue and choose great games to play. In this game, you can play Texas Hold’em, bingo, keno, roulette, and blackjack, while you can also socialize with other players through VIP rooms. 

High Roller 

This is another great MMO PS4 game that brings the Las Vegas vibe into your room. The original version of this game was released in 2001 by Stern Pinball Arcade and it has changed and upgraded a lot ever since. In this game also you can customize your avatar and play games to unlock new costumes and items. The graphics and audio are of high quality and you can play craps and other great casino games. 

GTA V Online: The Diamond Casino and Resort

Everyone loves GTA V and it certainly has more to offer than its original gameplay. Since every GTA version is successful, it is no surprise that they launched a casino variant. It is the Diamond Casino and Resort online version of the game with its virtual currency and amazing gameplay. You can play a lot of slots, which are very similar to those of online casinos. You can find games such as Flaming Hot Extreme, Bloodsuckers, Diamond Miner, and Eye of Horus. 

Red Dead Redemption 2

The Wild West wouldn’t be complete without some gambling and that is exactly what Red Dead Redemption 2 added. It was released in 2018 and it is still among the most popular games. The storyline of the game is based on Arthur Morgan in a fictional setting of the western, southern, and midwestern United States. Besides having to survive rivals and other enemies in this game, you can also complete a lot of great missions and win a lot of rewards by playing Wild West-like casino games within this great game. 

The online casino world offers something for literally everyone. If you don’t like playing casino games on your PC or smartphone, then you can certainly rely on your good old PS4. You can either access browser-based casinos through your console or choose to play some of these amazing games. The choice is yours and good luck!

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