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Best Minecraft MCPEDL 2023 Addons

There are many mods for Minecraft PE that players can use for make their world better. Some help to fight mobs, others give additional items for survive. These are the best MCPEDL 2023 addons that every player will appreciate.

Instant House

Minecraft PE players don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of time building.

This popular addon for MCPE 2023 will allow Minecraft PE players to build a house in a minute. To do this, the developers have created simple commands. All houses differ in size and unique design.



This MCPEDL 2023 addon allows users to control the weather in Minecraft PE. Players can cause natural disasters, and create earthquakes and fires, adding new effects to the game.

It is worth using such mods with caution because they can cause damage to Steve.



The GTA theme is familiar to many Minecraft PE players. This MCPEDL 2023 addon will allow users to become a part of the criminal city and fight with new mobs.

Together with the villagers, gangsters will appear in the game. Steve will also get to know the cops and other characters.



Many people remember Pokemon and would like to see them in Minecraft PE. This MCPEDL 2023 mod will allow players to get a new pet and get help from him in battles.

The developers offer many different Pokemon, and each has its abilities.


Clay Soldiers

The addon adds several teams of toy soldiers who will fight for Steve, helping him defeat enemies. The mobs have different colors and abilities.

Minecraft PE players can create them using spawn eggs. It is one of the best MCPEDL 2023 mods.



The developers of this MCPEDL 2023 addon allow Minecraft PE players to jump higher, change the speed of movement in the game world and reduce gravity.

An additional bonus of this mod will be the ability to lift the creatures of the game into the air.



With this MCPEDL 2023 addon, users can watch the spectacular battles of the soldiers in Minecraft PE. The mobs have their weapons, armor, and items for a fight.

There is an opportunity for players to spawn many other creatures that can be dangerous for Steve.



The Hulk addon was created to diversify the gameplay and create new opportunities for battles.

The MCPEDL 2023 addon adds creatures that can attack hostile mobs and help Steve in Minecraft PE. A hulk is created by analogy with a golem.

There is a command /ride to use the mob as transport.



This MCPEDL 2023 addon adds the famous Peter Parker and other Marvel characters to Minecraf PE. The most interesting thing is that the player can become one of them. Tony Stark, Deadpool, Thor, and many other comic book characters will appear in the game.

Everyone has superpowers, such as lightning flashes and extreme speed.



With this MCPEDL 2023 addon, players can gain access to new varieties of swords. Each item is unique and has its characteristics. The Mot will help Minecraft PE easily defeat aggressive mobs.

It is possible to get all the swords from the inventory in creative mode.


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