Driveclub vs. GT Sport – Which Is The Best Racing Game For You?

The Battle of Two Amazing PS4 Racing Game Exclusives.

If you are looking for a racing game but do not know which one is right for you, check out this review as I highlight the pros and cons of Driveclub and Gran Turismo Sport to help you decide. Each game has their own unique playstyle, and you will not be disappointed in either choice. However, just as each game is unique, so is every player and what is a plus for one person may be a downside for another. This guide will help you with your choice and if you only care about the comparison, skip down to the verdict.

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport is developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4. Gran Turismo is the thirteenth game overall, but the first released on PlayStation 4 on October 17th, 2017. Like other Gran Turismo games, Gran Turismo Sport includes both the “Sports Mode” and the “Arcade Mode” and even offers an online feature.

– Pros

  • Graphics

Gran Turismo Sport flaunts some of the best graphics that I have seen in a racing game. The opening scene displays a cinematic that shows the power of the PlayStation 4. Not only are the cinematics fantastic, but the cars in the game are overwhelming gorgeous.

  • Handling 

On both a wheel and a controller, the handling that Gran Turismo Sport offers is spectacular. Gran Turismo Sport provides many options regarding your steering, throttle, and breaking making it robust on both a wheel and controller. When chasing the gold, I found it just as easy to use a controller as it was with a wheel, though it did take some getting used to when switching between them. Once you figure it out though, it is a smooth ride.


– Cons

  • Single Player Mode 

The single-player mode seemed lacking in actual story and meaning. It consisted of a series of racing scenarios, lap challenges, license trials, and endurance tests. These did a decent job familiarizing you with the controls and letting you try out some situations to hone your skills, but they were haphazard and did not have any substance.

  • Car Selection/Customization 

In Gran Turismo Sport, the car selection is insufficient when you compare it to other racing games like Forza 7 with its 700+ vehicles. If you also throw in the lack of customization aspects, this severely limits your vehicle inventory. This may not be a problem for everyone, but it is a huge disadvantage for me.

  • Weather Effects 

Even having weather effects for the title of this section is misleading. In Gran Turismo Sport, there are no dynamic weather effects at all. The only thing that you can manipulate is the time of day, and that is only before a race actually starts. With such a beautifully stunning game in all other graphical aspects, it is weird that they did not take the time to add weather effects in this edition.




Evolution Studios developed Driveclub and then published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 4. Players compete with other players in the form of clubs where they can earn reputation to unlock better items. Driveclub’s tour mode is the equivalent to a campaign mode where you can compete in races, trials, events, and tournaments from around the world.

– Pros

  • Graphics 

Much like in Gran Turismo Sport, Driveclub has fantastic graphics. This is to expect with the new gen consoles, but one thing that sets it apart from other games is the Photo mode. The pictures that you can take in Driveclub are absolutely amazing. There were times that I would actually stop in the middle of a race just to take a photo of the scenery.

  • Clubs 

One feature of Driveclub that really caught my attention was clubs. By joining a club with some friends, it brings a whole new aspect to the game. When you log in and see that someone on your crew has topped a leaderboard and raised your clubs rep, it is exciting. In turn, when you boost your clubs level a full mark all by yourself, it makes you feel like you are contributing to something. The best part though is when you have a rival club that you compete against. Fighting back and forth for the leaderboards is exhilarating.

  • Weather Effects 

If weather effects are your make or break for a racing game, then you will not be disappointed in Driveclub. Unlike the non-existent weather in Gran Turismo Sport, the weather is beautiful and very realistic in this game.

– Cons

  • Collision Damage 

The collision damage in Driveclub is almost laughable. When you are involved in a severe wreck in Driveclub, you expect to see the destruction that matches the severity of the crash. Not in Driveclub. Even in the worst accident, you will drive away with only a few scrapes and scratches. 

  • Vehicle Selection 

If you thought that the vehicle selection in Gran Turismo Sport was lacking, you are only able to acquire 50 vehicles in Driveclub without dishing out more money. The only way to unlock more cars in Driveclub is through their DLC, which they come out with every month. If money is not an issue, then this may be something that you can deal with.

  • Verdict 

Regarding graphics, both Gran Turismo Sport and Driveclub have mouthwatering displays, but Driveclub has a one up with its picture mode. Gran Turismo Sport has a leg up when it comes to handling, Driveclub has a more natural to learn handling method but when you master Gran Turismo Sport’s you will find it much more satisfying. Both the solo play and competitive play in Driveclub feel more rewarding than that of Gran Turismo Sport, and the weather effects are much better as well. Driveclub does not have as many non-DLC vehicles to choose from, but the customization is more than that of Gran Turismo Sport. Finally, the collision damage of Driveclub is almost non-existent.

James Allsopp

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  1. Driveclub also has that annoying as shit rubber banding issue that to the best of my memory GT Sport does not have…..Its really irritating when no matter how well you drive the 2nd-6th place cars will ALWAYS be right up on your sphincter.

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