Farming Simulator 2015 Review

There are simulator games for just about every imaginable scenario, the most likely to spring mind being taking control of an aeroplane in a flight simulator, or taking the wheel of a racing car. This new game, however, has a slightly different focus, and involves plenty of (simulated) fresh air and, if you fancy it, corn-chewing.

Released on 19 May 2015, the new version of Farming Simulator for PS4 comes with brand new features such as the ability to occupy yourself with logging, and there are new licensed manufacturers such as New Holland tractors. In addition there are also new settings such as a Nordic backdrop. Oh, and it’s the first time since its inception in 2007 that the game is available on any console. Nearly forgot that key point, sorry.

If the idea of working whilst gaming doesn’t appeal, then there’s no getting away from the fact that this game probably isn’t for you, as you will have to work – hard – whilst ‘playing’ this game. You do have the option of online multiplayer mode to rope in some help, though, so I guess that’s something.

So, what can you expect to find when you launch your new career as a farmer? Well, you’ll have over 140 authentic vehicles and farming tools to choose from and, as already mentioned, you’ll be able to sing ‘I’m a lumberjack’, don your checked shirt and conquer the mighty forests with the new logging feature. To begin with you choose to either work the land of a Scandinavian village, Bjornholm (home of one quarter of Abba?) or the complete contrasting landscape of the American hamlet, Westbridge Hills. You begin with basic equipment and will have to roll your sleeves up and work hard to begin making progress – you really do start as if you were opening up the new frontier and so clearing fields and readying the land will take time. Patience, my friend, is a virtue; remember that now.

The more you play, the more effort you put in, the sweeter the victory will feel when you start to rake in the cash. This game gives back what you put in. If you are clever and plan your strategy appropriately you will be reaping in the cash from, say, selling the trees you have grown and cut down to the nearest lumber mill and then selling any wood chippings to a local heating plant.

As mentioned, this game will not suit everyone. But it has a lot to offer those who are willing to make like a farmer and throw themselves into the benefits to be had from getting back to nature and working the land. What? Your wife has asked you to cut the grass while you were immersed in Farming Simulator 2015? The cheek.

If it all sounds like too much like hard work, you can, of course, always choose to hit the hay instead…

Rating – 7.5

MarryAnn D.

MaryAnn Davison is an old school gamer who is a qualified Archivist and information manager. She loves to write in her spare time.

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