How to Use PS4 Remote Play

Got a PS4? Got an Xperia Z2, Z3 or Z4 Series gadget? If yes to both then congratulations – you can, if you wish, link ‘em together and play using PS4 Remote Play. Why? Well, if you have someone else in your household who, shock horror, doesn’t want to stare at the television screen as you commandeer it for yet another level of, I don’t know, Mortal Kombat X, then Remote Play will allow you to get your MKX fix on your tablet or smartphone (or, indeed, a PlayStation Portable or Vita) wherever else you are in the house. So, you can kill (to continue the MKX theme, and let’s be clear that we are still talking gaming, not real life) in your kitchen, bedroom or conservatory (ooh, get you). ‘Eh?’ I hear you mumble. Okay, here’s how it works, and how to get started.


You’ll have noticed if you’re canny that I’ve already mentioned you need both a PS4 and a secondary, compatible device to engage in Remote Play. You will also need a DUALSHOCK ®4 wireless controller, a Sony Entertainment Network account, and a high speed internet connection… Providing you meet those initial criteria, however, then you should have no problems setting it up. Once you’ve ensured both of your devices are connected to your home’s Wi-Fi (and it is recommended that you ensure both devices remain in range of that shared connection), you will be able to ‘pair’ your devices – similar to the process you would follow when connecting devices using Bluetooth. When you initially link them up, you will have to go into your PS4’s ‘Add Device’ screen, and find a temporary code which you will input to your secondary device; your devices will then become friends which will be friends for life. In other words, you’ll only have to follow that initial step once. Having successfully navigated that requirement, simply download the free Remote Play app from Google Play and Bob’s your uncle. Or something like that.

Once you are connected you will be able to purchase games through the PlayStation store on your mobile device (handy that, Sony, thanks for an additional way to hand money over to you). You will also rather niftily be able to use your second device as a secondary screen or keyboard, should you find the need.

It is worth bearing in mind, if this is a feature you are considering making a lot of use of, that not all games are compatible with Remote Play so do check before you become frustrated with the lack of connectivity when trying to use it with a particular game. It may well be decided to expand the compatibility of newly released games now and in the future, so do keep an eye on developments.

There are additional accessories which are available to facilitate your use of your secondary device in Remote Play mode – Game Control Mount GCM10 is designed to hold your Xperia device securely; Digital Noise Cancelling Headset MDR-NC31EM will apparently block out up to 98% of surrounding noise (quite a lot, then); and the charging dock will ensure you can continue gaming (almost) interrupted (depending on when you charge it of course).

So, if you simply can’t wait for the TV to become available, then give Remote Play a try – it might just be a lifesaver for all you PS4 addict fans.

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