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We’ve got Rockstar to thank for the crazy amount of hours of online mayhem that many of us have spent playing GTA V. The franchise has seemingly and continuously grown with each release. 8th Gen opened new opportunities for the franchise to grow, meaning that Rockstar wasn’t been held back by outdated console hardware.

There’s so many things about GTA V that feel awesome, and that’s probably why it’s a multi award winning game. The idea of open-world was totally blown away with a giant map in comparison to all previous releases. GTA Online was another impressive addition, and whilst it has had its problems, there’s no doubting that it was a big feature.


The massive success that Rockstar has received due to GTA V means one thing: Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) will be incoming, at some point. Whilst it is probably years away, it’s nice to think ahead, right? However, this brings one interesting question – where could it be set? This article takes a look at possible locations for Rockstar’s next endeavour.

Whilst we could be sometime away from learning anything about GTA VI, it’s always great to speculate. There’s obviously a number of key ingredients that are required to be a perfect GTA location, these must generally include: skyscrapers, large areas, iconic buildings, landmarks and a mixture of terrains. Of course, this might feel a little like a geography exploration…


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Many people coin London as the capital of the world. Of course, London would offer many of the ingredients for a future GTA release. Let’s face it, Rockstar have already offered London: 1969 back in 1999, within a 2D engine. Is it time for a revisit in glorious 3D? London has become littered with sky scrapers, it’s got the iconic London taxi and it has gang related areas. Whilst London wouldn’t allow you to fly over remote areas where mountains are located, like you can in GTA V, you’d have parks, the River Thames and a ridiculous amount areas to explore. From Croydon to the Olympic Park, or Wembley to the London Docks, or perhaps a tour around the Queens Palace – it would cater for action and mayhem. It’s also worth remembering that The Getaway, which resembles GTA in more ways than one, was famously set in London.



The Japanese are great for so many reasons, they made PlayStation, after all! Tokyo is the most populated city in the world with close to 38 million residents – it’s lively and full of action with a unique culture. The landscape is literally full of crazy amounts of skyscrapers, and Tokyo Bay along with the out of city areas, would deliver the perfect terrain mix many desire within a modern day GTA title. This city has to be a huge contender for a future GTA location.



Dubai is a city located within the United Arab Emirates. It’s a place where many forgeries would feel truly foreign, perhaps that is because of the jaw dropping modern architecture, or maybe it’s just that the typical police officer drives a Bugatti Veyron. This filthy rich nation appear to pour most of the country’s wealth, energy and creativity into Dubai – after all, the city is home to the world’s largest, and possibly most iconic, skyscraper. This desert and sandy terrain may be what limits Dubai from featuring as a future GTA location. What’s more, the religion and culture are other areas which could cause offence and controversy. You won’t find it snow in Dubai either, meaning it wouldn’t snow at Christmas within the festive updates, not realistically, anyway. However, the city could be a definite contender for a number of reasons.

The globe is a full of wonderful and amazing cities and whilst Rockstar are probably expected to continue with the familiar USA city theme, it’s not out the question that they might look for something fresh and new. After all, veterans can become bored with the same thing over and over, especially when many fans are growingly located outside of the US.

Leave your GTA VI city location ideas and favourites in the comments below.

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