Reasons why we want to see a Next-Gen PS4 follow up of the Getaway series

Recently, some rumors have surfaced which claim, or indicate that the next Getaway game (part III) will indeed be on the PlayStation 4.  Initially, it was said that the third installment would be making its way to the PS3, until it was put on hold indefinitely.  You can either see this as a good or bad thing (i.e. – if developer SCE London Studio actually takes the time to do it right, it could be absolutely brilliant).  Whether or not there’s any validity to these assertions, you have to admit – it would be sort of nice to see a Next-Gen follow-up for the Getaway series.

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For those unfamiliar with this franchise, it is in essence an open-world game series which focuses on London’s crime scene.   The appeal for a lot of people rests in the game’s inspiration, which was largely culled from various well-known films (such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels).  In other words, apart from the fact that you could basically run around and do stuff in a GTA-like environment, there was this sort of cinematic appeal that won over quite a few gamers.

Of course the last game was released in 2004/2005, and on the PS2, no less.  For all intents and purposes, the series has just sort of faded away into obscurity, despite the fact that it still (apparently) has a decent fan base.  Perhaps the reason for this particular game’s success (aside from the fact that it was an open-world game ahead of its time), is its inclusion of multiple endings.  Whereas most titles tend to offer gamers one, or at best 2 (maybe 3) endings, the second installment the Getaway series introduced no less than 4 (A, B, C, and D).  Needless to say, it would be incredibly cool to see this sort of mechanic reintroduced, effectively giving players a reason to explore a game in greater detail.

Assuming that The Getaway 3 does end up on the PS4, you can rest assured that it’s probably going to look amazing.  You can likely expect the same sort of realistic visuals found in other free-roam titles with the promise of new and exciting features as well.  Moreover, since we’re seeing more and more bona-fide open-world racing/driving titles emerging, one could easily imagine how cool it would be to see such a thing integrated into the next Getaway game.  Just imagine having mock-up version of London to explore with perhaps large tracts of countryside available to explore, perhaps having to pull off heists and run off into the wilderness to escape from helicopters, for instance.


Moreover, if the game’s future developers follow any of the current trends, they might also end up bringing various multiplayer touches to the title as well.  For example, instead of employing a static environment where you basically go from mission to mission battling the A.I., why not split online players up into two teams – cops and robbers?

Of course all this is speculation.  But nevertheless, it certainly is fun to use one’s imagination, isn’t it?

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