How To Keep Your PS4 Clean

Now I could just start and end this article by saying, keep it away from naughty websites. Some of us would chuckle, some of us would groan and we could all get on with our days. It wouldn’t be terribly helpful, though, would it? So, if you decide that it’s important to you to keep ickle particles of dust off your PS4, then let’s pretend those first two lines were never written and look at some proper ways of keeping the dirt off your precious bundle.

The PS4

Oh, firstly, I should just clarify that attempting to dismantle your PS4 and dust the inside may well invalidate your warranty, so let’s just focus on the outside. I know that probably didn’t need saying, but you never know, and I don’t want emails complaining your warranty’s shot to hell because you used Pledge on the inner circuits.

Okay, so to begin, unplug all wires from the machine – making sure it’s not on Standby – and place it on a flat surface. Done that? Okay, now grab your can of compressed air… Oh, sorry, I should have mentioned that you’d need one of those. If you haven’t then go and get one and come back. Once you’ve got it, grab it (the can, rude minds) and use it to blow the dust out of the front and back ports with short bursts. Look, these are the instructions – I’m not trying to make them sound rude, honestly.

Once you’re sure you’ve cleared the device of dusty dirtiness, grab your microfiber cloth (yes, you’ll need one of those too) and polish it up good and proper. And, you know what? That’s about it. If you’re really keen then you could always give the shelf where your PS4 usually sits a wee going over (with the duster – seriously, take your minds out of the gutter) before returning the device to its position, but that’s entirely up to you. At whatever stage you stop the cleaning, just be sure to remember to hook your machine back up to all of its wires – in the right places, if you like.

Actually, if you’re in the cleaning frame of mind (and let’s face, it, who ever is, but anyway…) you could also spruce up the controllers – simply follow all the steps above and you’ll have done a grand job.

If you’re not tired of cleaning at this point then you could always end by having a look at your PS4’s hard drive and see if that could do with a sprucing up. To do so, simply visit your settings page and enter System Storage Management to find a breakdown of what’s actually on your hard drive. Your old video and screenshot captures, should you partake in such activities, soon add up so you can easily delete them here and truly feel like the Kim and Aggie of the gaming world. Shudder – sorry, that was a horrible thought to leave you with, but there you go, it’s done now.

MarryAnn D.

MaryAnn Davison is an old school gamer who is a qualified Archivist and information manager. She loves to write in her spare time.

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