How To Watch Showbox On Your PS4 Or PS3

Sony really has knocked it out of the park when it comes to console gaming. From day one of the original PlayStation’s launch, the company has consistently delivered user-friendly, intuitive, and entertaining gaming experiences. The PS2 was inarguably the console of its generation, and the PS3 continued to iterate on the successes of its predecessor. The PlayStation 4 is another runaway hit, and the PS5 looks set to continue the star-studded reign of the best lineage in gaming.

One under-reported aspect of Sony’s consoles is their capacity to stream media content. Whether you’re looking to watch the latest movies or listen to some music on Spotify while you relax, the PS4 is the perfect machine for all your media needs. You may have heard of the movie and TV streaming app Showbox – in fact, you may already be using it – and you might be wondering how you can use your consoles to access the app. There is technically a way, but it’s an odd one. Here’s our guide to using Showbox on PS4 and PS3.

Gather your hardware 

Before you even begin thinking about using Showbox on your PlayStation console, you’ll need three things. First, you’ll need a smartphone with the Android operating system installed (sorry, iPhone users). This includes phones like those from OnePlus; even though those phones are technically using custom OS software, they still count as Android devices for this purpose. Second, you’ll need to get yourself a PS4 or PS3, of course. It’s no use trying to use Showbox on those consoles if you don’t have ‘em, right? Thirdly, you’ll need a TV, a monitor, or some sort of display with an HDMI connection. Once you’ve got all this stuff, you’re ready to roll.

Connect your devices to Wi-Fi 

Both your console and your smartphone will need to be connected to Wi-Fi. You won’t be able to use a wired connection because you’ll need both devices on the same network. It is technically possible to use an Ethernet adapter to connect your smartphone to a wired port on your router, but it’s much easier to just connect both devices to the Wi-Fi. It’s also worth telling anyone who’s currently using the internet in your home to stop, or to find a time when they’re not using it. Your streaming connection might slow down or be intermittent if there’s other usage going on. Once both devices are Wi-Fi enabled, you can move on to the next step. Oh, do make sure to connect your console to your display via HDMI, too.

Download Showbox 

There wouldn’t be much of a Showbox party without Showbox, now would there? You’ll need to actually download the app if you want to use it. Unfortunately, there’s no Showbox app available for PS4 or PS3, so you’ll need to get it on your smartphone. This is also why iPhone users aren’t able to do it; unless you download an Android APK, you can’t use Showbox. Once it’s downloaded, go to Settings on your phone, then Security. From here, you’ll need to enable app installation by unknown sources. This procedure can vary slightly from phone to phone, so look yours up if you’re unsure. After this, navigate to your File Manager and find your Showbox download. Install the app.

Find your movie or TV show 

After everything is installed and set up, you’ll need to actually find a movie or TV show to watch. This one shouldn’t take too long, since you’ve probably already got a vague idea what it is you want to watch. If you can’t decide, here are some ways to settle the matter. Talk with your friends and find out what the room’s mood is. If everyone’s feeling an action movie but one person wants a rom-com, try to find a compromise rather than disappointing that one person. Striking a balance is important; you don’t want to ruin the evening because Showbox is giving you too much choice and you just can’t quite decide. After you’ve made your mind up (it’s more difficult than you might think), it’s time to move on.

Stream your movie (and select your console) 

Once you’ve made a selection, Showbox will ask you whether you want to watch the content now or download it. Choose Watch Now to stream or Download if you want to watch later. You’ll then need to select your video quality. Depending on the strength of your connection, each video quality setting will alter the way the movie or TV show looks. We’d recommend opting for High every time. After you’ve chosen a quality setting, you’ll be asked to pick which source you want to stream on. You should see your PS4 or PS3 on that list. Choose the console et voila – you’re streaming Showbox on your Sony console! That wasn’t too tricky, was it?

We hope this guide on how to use Showbox on your PS4 or PS3 was helpful. If done correctly, you can gain access to a whole world of streaming right from your gaming system. Happy viewing, everyone!

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