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The FIFA series is a franchise that’s built its reputation on its gameplay, particularly when it comes to controls.  Unlike many other sports series in the video game realm, EA has really put quite a lot of effort into bringing gamers a football experience like no other.   From increasingly realistic graphics to the way you handle the ball, FIFA 14 is a stunning achievement, particularly on the PS4, which features the all-new Ignite engine.  In short, the next-gen version of this game is perhaps THE title that FIFA fans have been waiting for.

Despite all the recent advancements though, many players might still need some assistance when it comes to improving their game.  The A.I. seems much more organized and creative than ever before, which requires gamers to strike back with their own shifting tactics and approaches.  Likewise, the game provides a challenge in an online context as well, with the competition being as fierce as ever.  The bottom line is that you might need to pick up a few tips and tricks if you’re planning on tackling FIFA 14 and emerging victorious.  Here are a few ways to improve your basic game…

Practice makes perfect

Just like in real-life physical sports, there is essentially one thing which helps to build a better player – familiarity (or experience).  Yes, it might sound extremely tacky to say so, but if you really want to master FIFA 14, you really need to become intimate with its practice mode.  It’s going to be able to help you hone your basic shots and moves within the context of certain setups.  In other words, you aren’t just refining freekicks and passing, you’re also able to work on penalties, crossing and other things as well.  In short, the practice mode will help you to become a well-rounded FIFA player.  Those with a penchant for more difficult maneuvers will find the practice mode infinitely useful when it comes to learning how to bend shots around other players.  It also bears repeating that entering practice mode in loading screens or pre-game is a great way to stay focused and prepare for a big match.

Persistence is the name of the game here

Quite a few critics have lambasted FIFA 14 for its overall level of difficulty, claiming that it sucks the fun out of the game by making something as simple as a drive down the field too thorny.  One could argue that the challenge of ball-handling in FIFA has always been somewhat present, but it’s pretty clear that they’ve upped the ante in 14, it would seem.  Simply put, you can’t expect to drive down the field in a haphazard way and expect to get anywhere near the goal in most instances.  Just like in a real game, you need to learn to utilize your entire team via passing and zoned defense to thwart the other team’s efforts.  Instead of becoming frustrated, just bide your time and wait for the other team to make mistakes (holes in the defense) or tire.  Think of it this way – FIFA 14 isn’t really seeking to provide you with a lighthearted arcade-like experience, it’s more about simulation and developing skills which you can use over the course of your career.

Pay particular attention to your roster and trades

One of the coolest features of the FIFA series is the ability to trade and buy players for your team.  For those gamers who might consider themselves to be hardcore football fans, nothing short of taking a team through an entire season in career mode will suffice.  In fact, it is this type of interlocking match play which really seems to draw a lot of fans into EA’s flagship soccer enterprise.  You still need to make sound decisions when it comes to bringing new players into your fold, of course.  For instance, maybe you can try to create some buzz in the market by offering a great player at a near-discount price?  This sort of tactic tends to elicit a bevy of other offers which you can in turn use to build up a better team.  In any case, you should probably focus on team-building through trading during the early to mid part of the season so that you’re ready for anything by the end.  Remember, it’s not always about the players you have either, but how much money you’re making off of exchanges (as money can always buy better players).  Negotiation should be a main focus.

Penalty shot technique

When it comes to penalty shots there don’t seem to be too many options available, at least at first.  Traditionally, you can either slam the ball toward a corner (high / low) or try to punch it down the center of the goal with the hopes of bending it, perhaps.  In any case, such shots are often tense and your success or failure might actually lead to a win or loss.  If you’re ready to try something different, you can also try to do a dummy run.  In other words, you want to fool the blocker into thinking the ball is going one direction, only to shift at the last moment, sending the ball into an unprotected corner.  To pull this off you simply hold down the shoot button when starting your kick, only to hit it yet again as you near the ball.  If all goes well you’ll be able to completely thwart their defenses and land an easy goal.

There you have it, four different areas of consideration which (assuming you take the time to develop skills in them) will greatly enhance your game.  As previously mentioned, FIFA 14 isn’t your run-of-the-mill sports arcade title; it’s a game that requires your devotion and attention to master.  If you’re the type of player that has a real mind for the game (football / soccer) it will reward you with many hours of enjoyment, but rest assured, you will need to hone your skills to do so.

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