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There aren’t that many video games out there that can excite millions of gamers all at once, but just the word ‘Final Fantasy’ will definitely do it! Gamers from all around the world have longed for the release of the Final Fantasy Type-0 on PS4 for quite some time.

If you’re a hard core fan of Final Fantasy, you probably want to get your hands on the latest PS4 video game entitled The Final Fantasy Type-0. We are excited as much as you are for this and we cannot wait to share our thoughts.

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This game will take players enter into the world of Orience, where awaiting for you will be a full-out raging world war. You will be in the middle of this war. Being among the young soldiers dying or being captured against their will, the level of intensity is strong. It is the war of a lifetime where it’s all about technology verses magic, where nations are fighting against each other to claim power. You’ll see fire bombs, ice bullets and even missiles all produced and powered by magic. There are four nations known as ‘Crystal States’ that are quickly introduced. Players will control ‘Class Zero’, a special group of 14 cadets with one mission in mind, stop the world war to save your region!

The game is spilt into two core parts. The first are the story missions, where players can partake in combat missions. The second are the free time slots, allowing players to interact more with the storyline while waiting for a new story mission to complete.

Although many have said the combat portion of the game is okay, what’s most disappointing is the distort storyline that follows after the first scenes. There are 14 cadets in your team, each character has their own unique storyline but players are left wanting more due to the poorly constructed plots in the game. This is a critical problem of the game.

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Just looking at other video games which huge following, the character stories have always been an integral part of their success. Having so many characters at one time means no time to connect with any of them. There’s no connection, no way to understand the characters to even begin rooting for their success against this war. Players can quickly lose sight of the overall mission of the game quite easily with the half-fast characters.

If you are a fan of the franchise, this video game will not disappoint for the most part. Just don’t expect the best storyline ever and keep your standards of the legendary franchise aside. It is sometimes best to think of this video game as its own entity beyond the Final Fantasy franchise.

While Type-0 on PS4 targets gamers who are familiar with the Final Fantasy franchise may be quick to judge, new comers may have a different take on the video game and a positive one indeed. Starting off with a very strong start, Type-0 will provide hours of gaming time that will be enjoyable to say the least. The graphics are amazing and you can expect faster paced gaming experience particularly in combats.Final Fantasy Type-0 4
Players will be involved in both combat and free time. Once completing your first story mission, there will be a waiting period which can be from 6 hours to as long as 3 days until your next mission. This is where your free time will come into play and you can make purchases of armour and even partake in side missions or quests to keep you engaged with the game. You’ll have a lot of time back at the academy which can often have a slow pace to the whole experience.

The more missions you complete, the more you unlock new missions or military campaigns with more interesting concepts to explore. Players that have successfully won missions will be able to invade cities and defend headquarters, giving more depth to the gaming experience.

You’ll be also able to partake in dialogue to learn more about Orience and the characters introduced in the game. But be warned, this can sometimes drain two hours of your precious time! This can be a little frustrating at times, particularly if you want to engage more with the storylines and characters.

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Gamers will also receive an exclusive of the Final Fantasy XV demo, which I’m sure many of us out there have will purchase the Final Fantasy Type-0 just for it! It’s definitely a bonus that all gamers should take advantage of.

With a lot of negative reviews out there on this game, we have to agree with the majority that while the intention of the storyline was good, the execution was not. With that being said, the added bonus of the Final Fantasy XV demo that’s included can make the Final Fantasy Type-0 well-worth looking into.

Rating – 7

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