LEGO Dimensions – Wave 8 Review

The Lego video game series has always given polished gameplay and entertaining and humorous renditions of various nostalgic and modern franchises. Since its release in 2015, Lego Dimensions has delivered a multitude of expansions spanning over a wide spectrum of films, television shows, and classic games including other Lego installments. Aside from the array of in-game content released, Lego Dimensions also makes its mark as a toy-to-life experience, similar to that of the popular Skylanders series. However, Lego Dimensions provides some customization both in and outside of the game with its signature building block design we all know and love.

The Goonies Level Pack (71267)

An expansion based on the cult classic The Goonies was widely acclaimed and brought excitement into the hearts of fans. Bringing the ultimate gang of misfits to life and providing an interesting adaptation to the age-old adventure. The expansion not only entices with a memorable virtual experience but also intrigues die-hard fans with the unique collectible figures included in the pack. A well-crafted replication of one of the most noticeable characters from the movie, Sloth, added in as a fully playable character, an impeccable recreation of One-Eyed Willy’s Pirate ship as an available in-game vehicle, and the iconic skeletal organ which adds some distinctive gameplay mechanics to fray. These gadgets add even more to the mix by featuring multiple variations of both virtual and physical aspects to alter their use in-game.

The story is portrayed in an episodic fashion, introducing the plot in a “last time on The Goonies” format. The level begins about halfway through the actual movies storyline where we are first introduced to Sloth. Chunk, in an attempt to befriend the lovable creature, tries to feed him a number of chocolate bars. Desperate for the tempting treats just out of his reach, Sloth escapes from his chains and proceeds to free his new friend. They work together to break free from captivity and head out to save the rest of the gang, all the while delivering a detailed world with plenty of Easter eggs for fans to enjoy.

Harry Potter Fun Pack (71348)

Apart from cult classics Lego Dimensions is brimming with modern hit movies adding their own epic tales to the stage. A notable addition is the recent Harry Potter installment of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. Developer Traveller’s Tales took this newly imagined prequel-esque beloved world of wizardry and created a worthy recreation of magical delight. The breadth of content in this expansion is noticeably larger than most adding six new levels to the virtual multiverse, all amusingly depicting the events of the film with fun-loving Lego humor. The entry does more than achieve a glorious transformation from big screen to household console by living up to and potentially surpassing expectations built from previous installments.

Lego City Fun Pack (71266)

Amidst these behemoths of multiverse expanding Lego Dimensions play sets, there are some less extravagant but rather enjoyable additions known as Fun Packs. One of which released recently features Lego City’s protagonist Chase McCain along with a custom police helicopter for use in the game. While these relatively smaller expansion packs don’t provide any new levels to the game they serve as excellent additions to any completist looking to round off their collection. Being that these expansions do offer less content they’ll also put a more affordable dent in your wallet while still providing players with something fresh and fun.

Overall, Lego Dimensions has carved itself a place in video game history as an ever-expanding multiverse of seemingly endless enjoyment and furthered an already cemented reign over the realm of toys. The Lego Dimensions world continues to grow and delight, with a game built out of the most iconic building block toys ever to hit shelves, it’s no surprise to see what a marvelous success Lego Dimensions has become and remains to be.

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