The Top 20+ PS4 Horror Games to Play this Halloween

Halloween; a time to dress up as the scariest, nerdiest, or punniest thing you can imagine and terrify your friends. Maybe you’re having a quiet one this year, maybe it’s too quiet… So fire up your PS4 and lets play some jump-scaring, spine-tingling, goosebump-giving games! Here are the top 20 horror games on PlayStation 4!

Outlast Trinity

This terrifying trilogy of games is now available in a bundle so you can scare yourself silly three times over! Including the original Outlast, the Whistleblower DLC and Outlast II, this trio is bound to have you screaming, hiding, and running in terror. Whether you’re facing the horrors of Mount Massive Asylum or getting lost in some deep south cornfields, Outlast Trilogy will keep your Halloween spooky.

Days Gone

The spooky season is full of classic pairings. Toffee apples, pumpkin spice, candy corn…? But undeniably one of the best power couples is Stealth and Zombies. Days Gone packs in ridiculous hordes of zombies and pits you against them with a kick-ass bike and some scavenged guns. That doesn’t sound all too stealthy but if you want to survive, you certainly don’t want to alert hundreds of the undead to your location. You’d just better hope you did actually do some scavenging before you stumble across a hungry horde. That’s a lot of zombies and not a lot of bullets…

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

If you thought Until Dawn was done with you, your VR headset has other ideas. This haunted house-style roller-coaster ride delves back into the Wendigo-infested world of Until Dawn, complete with buzz-saws, weapon-wielding masked men, and lots of jump-scares. There’s no doubt, taking a ride on this coaster will give you nightmares for weeks. It’ll also give your friends a good laugh as they watch you scream in terror and flail your Dual Shock 4 aimlessly at thin air.


While the long awaited, long lost, and long mourned Silent Hills may well be gone forever, there are still ways to experience the one-of-a-kind horror experience that was its Playable Teaser. Whether you buy a PS4 unit with the game still installed or find the game by…other means, this game is still considered by many to be a masterpiece in horror. If you can find a way, you should definitely play.

Friday the 13th

What better way to scare your friends than to hunt them down with an axe while they all run and hide? Virtually, of course… Friday the 13th is the perfect game to play with friends when you’re in need of a good, old-fashioned fright. It’ll have you screaming and then immediately giggling as you try to escape the hockey-masked horror classic. You can also play as Jason and chase all your friends down, listening out for their proximity chat and striking when the time is right!

Little Nightmares

This creepy little puzzle-platformer is full of close calls, near misses and all your childhood fears! Its unique character designs, bizarre backdrops and nail-biting tension make for a perfect game to play for an audience of friends. Its puzzles also offer enough of a challenge that having some backseat gamers will be more help than hindrance.

The Last of Us Remastered

What can we say? One of the most beautiful games of this generation, in graphics, story, gameplay. The Last Of Us is an absolute classic and is definitely worth a solid playthrough while you eat all your Halloween snacks. Just make sure you keep your Dual Shock close to hand! You never know when those clickers might jump out of the darkness.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Another treat for VR junkies, this deep south swamp horror is absolutely relentless. With countless jump-scares, little ghost girls and a murderous family on your tail, you’ll definitely need some moral support as you creep your way through the Baker household, trying desperately to make your escape. Gore, guts, grisly terror, Resident Evil 7 has it all. Read this article where we rank the best Resident Evil games to feature on PS4.


Bloodborne wastes no time in throwing you to the wolves, quite literally. Constantly faced with outraged locals, brutal boss-fights and gorgeous, gothic architecture, this is the perfect game to blast through over Halloween. You’ll need your wits about you though, so hopefully you’re not too easily disturbed…

The Inpatient

It’s been proven time and time again; everything is scarier in VR! A prequel to Until Dawn, The Inpatient drops you in the hallways of Blackwood Sanatorium as an amnesiac patient just around the time that the sanatorium falls into… let’s say disrepair. It’s your job to remember who you are and make it out alive. It’s also your job to endure countless dark corridors, apparitions and jump-scares, naturally.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Supermassive Games are really on a roll when it comes to good old-fashioned horror, and Man of Medan doesn’t stray too far from that path. The first of a series of games from The Dark Pictures Anthology, Man of Medan invites into its story to make vital decisions, say the right thing, and know when to stay quiet. This is the perfect title to play with friends, with each of you being able to control one of 5 characters and, hopefully, keep them alive. Full to the brim with scares, hallucinations and life-threatening close calls, Man of Medan is the perfect Halloween party trick.


From the creators of the sublime Limbo, Inside brings us more of Playdead’s unmistakable storytelling with a side of serious horror. Without the use of words, Inside shows you an unnerving, nuanced narrative. Playing as a young boy, you infiltrate a research facility of sorts, encountering zombie-like humans and fearsome guard dogs among other creatures. You’d bes be ready to run for your life!

Amnesia Collection

The game that reinvented modern horror complete with its sequel; this collection is a no brainer. Run, hide, but never try to fight your way into the depths of Brennenburg Castle to uncover the mysteries of why you’re here and what has happened. Of course, you’re not alone in the castle. Friends are recommended, but darkness and headphones wouldn’t go amiss!

Moons of Madness

There’s nothing like a bit of cosmic horror to make you realise that the only thing worse than being alone is thinking you are alone when you’re not. While Moons of Madness is definitely quite a bit tamer than the majority of titles on this list, we still think the threat of death from undocumented alien lifeforms counts as scary. Especially when you’re on your own on Mars.

The Forest

Another fairly tame title, The Forest is not one to be overlooked! Whether your playing alone or with friends, there are certainly moments in The Forest that will have you panicking, running away in fear and flailing your axe around like a mad man. Let’s not even talk about the things that live deep down in some of the caves…

Call of Cthulhu

One of the best modern takes on Lovecraftian horror, Call of Cthulhu effortlessly blends its spellbinding storytelling, hauntingly beautiful settings and its detective gameplay into one unmissable game. Whether you’re solving mysteries, looking for clues among the eerie environments, or losing your mind to the depths, Call of Cthulhu is a chilling tale to play either alone, or for an audience of friends.

Layers of Fear

From the same studio that brought us this year’s Blair Witch, Layers of Fear is an intriguing title with oodles of long, lonely corridors, ghosts of lost lovers, and a slow but sure descent into maniacal madness. Playing as a tortured artist, your aim is to finally complete your masterpiece and make your way through the ever-shifting labyrinth that is your own house. Splatters of paint, relics of your life before and ghostly goings-on will keep you hooked until the end, whichever ending you get.


Ever looked around your house, spotted an every-day object and thought “What if that was actually a violent, alien, shapeshifting creature”? Maybe it is! Prey will make you afraid to touch anything. From coffee cups to office chairs, anything in this game could be a ‘Mimic’. While you explore the vast, abandoned space station unfolding the mysteries of the Typhon invasion, you’d better watch your back. And your front. And that suspicious looking lamp…


Another horror masterpiece from the creators of Amnesia, SOMA makes you face some truly tragic situations and asks you the impossible: What really makes someone human? You find yourself on a submerged research facility, not knowing how you got there. In your quest to figure out what is going on, you’ll encounter grisly creatures, disturbing scenes and hauntingly human robots. This peculiar title should definitely make it onto your playlist for Halloween.

Alien: Isolation

Alien is a horror movie classic and should absolutely be on your Halloween watchlist but if you want an even more immersive experience with the xenomorph, Alien: Isolation is the perfect solution. The feeling of being relentlessly stalked by the titular alien keeps you forever tense and always ready to jump into the nearest locker or air vent. Your only means of knowing where the alien is? A device that beeps so loud it will surely lead the thing straight to you. Alien: Isolation is an absolute horror gem and is bound to have you sleeping with the lights on.

That’s it for our top 20 PlayStation 4 horror games! Have you got any other spooky titles to add? However your spending the holiday, we hope you have a happy Halloween and get a good scare from at least one of these incredible games!

Rosalind Griffiths

Rosalind Griffiths is a full time gamer, geek and Creative Writing student. Raised on Nintendo, when she's not earning gold trophies in Mariokart 8 or freshening up in Inkopolis, she's writing songs/poems/short stories, or watching cartoons and Lets Play videos.

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