Best PlayStation VR games 2020: the PSVR games you need 

Want to know what virtual reality games you should buy from the amazing crop from 2020? Here we guide you through some of the top titles with a proven record.

The only game missing from the 2020 PSVR line up was a good game of bingo. While 2020 was dramatic in many ways, it was also a great year for the development of virtual reality. People have wanted to escape reality and so have turned to the Playstation VR (PSVR) for a place away from home.

One reason to choose the PSVR over PC offerings is the magnitude of titles available in the Playstation library. With titles like Far Point and Blood and truth and the massive budget spent on Skyrim VR, there is a lot to be excited about.

Here are some of the best VR games from 2020 to help you through the new year blues.

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission

Developed by Japan Studio, there is a Manga inspired design to this VR game. Whether this was done in virtual reality or on a standard console, it would have been the best platforming game of the year. There is just so much inventiveness in this game, where each level is intended to keep you on your guard at every point.

We assure you that this is a game that you have never played before and will delight you at every turn.

Arizona Sunshine

Developed by Vertigo Games, this VR experience can be played without movement controllers – but playing with them makes the experience even better.

This is a zombie game. There are a lot of zombies in this game! You are lost in the Arizona desert and there seems to be the walking dead everywhere you go. 

Heard it all before? Well, this game offers different levels of Zombie, where some are much harder to kill than others. Consequently, you have to decide what weapon will work and whether you need to get your buddies involved. It is best played as a co-op and in Horde mode, but it will be intense.


Developed by Rebellion, this is a redevelopment of a classic only previously known by those over 40. It was originally developed by Atari and considered the first attempts at virtual reality. Therefore, Rebellion bought the rights and set themselves the challenge to redevelop the game. 

Competing against the World of Tanks isn’t easy, but the futuristic design and strikingly simple graphics make this an enjoyable experience. You have the option to play online in a multiplayer game or through an offline campaign. The mission offline is well worth your time, though finding friends for the online experience is definitely the best option. 

By far, Rebellion has produced one of the best virtual reality experiences to this point. The gameplay is fun and well fleshed out. You can choose from many tanks and unlock more gameplay as you go. 

Beat Saber

Beat Saber was definitely one of the surprise mega hits of 2020 with everyone in the know mentioning its name. Beat Games have produced something akin to the experience of Guitar Hero in VR – but rather than thrum away, you are asked to slash through blocks with a saber to the beat of the music. Sounds too simple to be amazing? Well, remember all of the classics of the game world tend to be based on a simple but brilliant concept. The blocks come at you pretty quick and the game is made more challenging by walls of dissonance that you have to dodge or duck. It is pretty mad!

Using the movement controllers and dodging and slashing like mad, you will soon find yourself working up a sweat. This is the best cardio exercise you can get without leaving your home. It is perfect for people who want to work up a sweat for 30 minutes a day. We assure you, you will end up playing for much longer.

Blood and Truth

Let’s face it, virtual reality is at its best as a first person shooter. When you are walking in the shoes of the character and all you can see are the hands, you are sucked right into the action. Sony London Studio has released one of the best of the year in Blood and Truth. 

You play a former special forces operative on a mission to explore London’s criminal underworld to save your family. It feels like you are the leading star in a Hollywood big budget movie. 

Not only is the plot, narrative and character interaction outstanding, the game also does the physics of gunplay brilliantly. 

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