Changes That Still Need To Be Made In FIFA

The biggest football game on the planet was released at the end of September, but the release has been met with a tirade of negative reviews from some of the players. The number of glitches in this early edition of the game has left many questioning whether a later release of the game could see the game benefit.

However, there is also a feeling that some of the issues that players have encountered could be something that could be easily amended with a simple update. It just seems at the moment that a day can’t go by without an issue arising. One of the more recent updates saw players try to update their squads’ to get the most up to date squads, but when doing this the squads actually reverted back to the first squads update which saw players like Alexis Sanchez still at Manchester United, and Ante Rebic at Eintracht Frankfurt. This is such a minor issue, but still, it leaves players frustrated.

There have also been glitches involved in the commentary, with Martin Tyler continually changing the name of Tottenham’s stadium from White Hart Lane to the New Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. It’s minor details that stick out like a sore thumb to players that have waited nearly a year to play the instalment. Players were also promised a complete overhaul in the career mode, but only minor steps have been taken to this, and it feels very similar to how it did last season.

Apart from the ability to change the appearance of the manager, and new cut away scenes; it is virtually the same feature just with the added glitz of the updated kits. It’s a minor annoyance for players that want a more rounded experience like players can get in the NHL and NBA versions of the game. EA Sports have continually said that they are striving for the best, but at this moment in time, the sales of Pro Evolution must be soaring as football fanatics hunt for the ultimate experience.

The gap between the two games has certainly narrowed over recent seasons, which is shocking considering how great the advantage FIFA had when both games moved to the current new platforms on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Fixing these current glitches would be an immediate chance to rectify this, as the inclusion of Fifa Street-inspired Volta is struggling to captivate in the way that the legendary game did.

Of course, there is still time and as the season progresses these changes are likely to come into effect, and all will feel right in the world again for FIFA fans, but bigger changes need to come in next year’s edition. Otherwise, the power struggle between FIFA and PES will end up with players turning to the latter. Like this live casino, FIFA needs to adapt in order to thrive. But, what changes can be made to appease the fans who are crying out for change?

Career Mode

The biggest change that needs to be made is a complete overhaul of the career mode. The changes made this year have been inspired, but ultimately lacklustre. Players still demand more control over their teams, and while it does feel like EA are getting closer; they still have some way to go. The adaption into allowing players to adjust how their managers look is a good move, but there still need to be more freedom in the mode itself.

Gameplay has also been a big issue, with players winning the league title only for gameplay to feel like it was another ordinary game. There is no lifting of the trophy in the Bundesliga career mode, and that is just the pinnacle of the underwhelming experiences players are seeing. Something needs to change, and it will need to change at the very latest in the next instalment.


One big rumour that did the rounds before the release this season was the ability that players could potentially edit the kits of teams during career mode and in the main home page. However, these rumours were ultimately false. PES made its name by allowing this kind of freedom in their game, as players could alter the colours of their away kits, and make the shirts updated as they went through the Master League. It was something that fans loved, and FIFA has never responded.

This could also be down to the licenses that FIFA has with the respective teams and leagues, but it is a minor annoyance that should it be fixed would make for hours of enjoyment for players without even taking to the field. It may be something that they may return to in the future, and the release of FIFA 2021 may be the earliest we see this drastic change, as it isn’t a small add on that they could make with the already released game. The editing of players has been a huge success since it was introduced, but players can become annoyed as they are only able to change the player’s kit style and their boots. It would be better if there was somehow a way to edit players and allow them to have facial hair or a new haircut because players such as Paul Pogba and Neymar change their hair at the same rate as the weather changes. This means that their appearances are outdated almost a month after the game is released.

Women’s Teams

The introduction of the international sides on the women’s half was a clear step in the right direction with the way that the sport has evolved. However, the global leagues around the world are now gaining widespread attention, and the attendances are soaring. FIFA should take advantage of this and begin to include the Women’s Super League and the Champions League to add another layer to their games. This would be greeted with acclaim from all football fans and would be a clear difference that could give FIFA the advantage of PES for seasons. However, they are yet to make a firm move into this, but it could be something to keep an eye on for future releases.

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