8 Famous Poker Tournaments Around The World

Most of us are up for it when playing online games! They break the monotony of everyday life. There are various kinds of games that you can play online, such as fantasy cricket, fantasy football, poker, card games, Ludo and carrom, etc.

This blog will talk about poker, one of the most played games online. If you don’t know yet, let me tell you that poker boosts mathematical skills and develops social skills. This fantastic game also helps in teaching patience and developing logical thinking abilities. Consider online poker India for your first poker play.

If you have been facing difficulty in concentration, you might benefit from playing the game consistently. It can be played by anyone and is also known to bring discipline into your life.

Some other benefits of playing this fantastic game are developing good judgment skills, money management, etc. In this regard, you should note that online poker is as engaging and thrilling as offline poker.

There are plenty of platforms that allow you to play this fantastic game. After playing this game, you can get your earnings transferred into your bank account or Paytm.

However, we suggest you try your hands at free games before challenging people through cash contests. Poker can be a hobby that can help you fetch some money. This game is also suitable for building self-confidence if you have lost it. Given the work from home Blues, you should try to stay at home and keep yourself engaged through these kinds of amazing games.

You can play it anywhere and anytime and while staying at home. The number of poker enthusiasts worldwide is astonishing, and you might be shocked to know the kind of world tournaments that go on every year.

In this blog, we will talk about some of the most famous poker tournaments worldwide.

1. World Series of Poker: World Series of Poker is a prestigious poker tournament in the United States. This historic series dates back to 1970 and attracts players worldwide. In 2018, 104 different nations were represented in WSOP.

The winner gets a gold bracelet as the winning prize. In 2018, it took place in Las Vegas Rio all-suite hotel & casino. It is an exciting game followed by most poker fanatics across the globe.

2. Aussie Millions: The Australian poker championship is known as Aussie millions and is exceptionally famous amongst poker enthusiasts. It started in 1998 and has become one of the most renowned tournaments in the Southern Hemisphere.

It is generally held in January or February at Crown Casino in Melbourne.

The prize pools are unique, and winners are declared and given various prizes.

There is a slew of side events in Aussie millions, which are also pretty exciting.

3. WPT Fallsview: This is yet another tournament in Canada. Fallsview casino has hosted intermittent WPT main events.

It began with 3 championships with winners like Soren Turkewitsch (2006 for $1,225,920), Scott Clements (2007 for $1,505,312), and Glen Witmer (2008 for $1,084,256).  This is another tournament that poker fanatics across the world look up to.

4. Playground Poker Club: The tournament is in Kahnawake, Quebec, just outside Montreal.

It is one of the most prestigious poker tournaments across the world. A large chunk of it is not a part of the casino. It started in 2010, and with time, it has gained popularity.

The club has hosted various poker tournament festivals such as the World Series of Poker International Circuit, World Cup of Cards, the World Poker Tour (WPT), etc.

5. Calgary DSPT Championships: Grey Eagle Casino & Bingo is famous for its 15-table poker room, which is open day and night!!

If you are looking for a mid-major tournament, you should go for this one. If you are a poker enthusiast in the true sense, you have to keep track of all these games to play your online poker games in a better way. This will also increase your winning chances.

6.888 Live Brazil: This takes place in South America. It made its debut in December 2015, and ever since then, poker has been booming in the South American country.

It attracted various Brazilian superstars and became a glamorous event. It is undoubtedly one of the best poker festivals across the world. If you are looking for a shot at poker, a lot of glitz, and fun, then this is the next destination.

7.888 live Barcelona: Barcelona, Spain, is the top destination for poker players. The game is similar to its Brazilian counterpart!!

If you are a true poker enthusiast, you must know about this tournament in Europe. It includes a lot of fun and partying, along with great poker. If you want to have a lot of fun or follow a tournament that consists of a lot of thrill, you should follow this one. It is a great game where various poker champions participate and win handsome money.

8. Asia Pacific poker tour: The Asia pacific poker tour or  APPT was one of the major poker series in this region. It made its debut in 2007 and is still one of the most famous poker tournaments. So these are some of the most popular poker tournaments across the world.

These tournaments are unique because of the number of people who participate in them, the festival that revolves around this game, the tournament locations, exciting winnings, and multiple challenges that participants face. The formats are incredibly engaging as well.

Given the current situation, we advise you to stay at home and learn this one game. The surge of online gaming is here to stay, evident from this Forbes blog.

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