Games we’d Like to see on the PSN

While the PS4’s library is still quite sparse as of right now (Feb. 2014) some might want to consider tapping into what the PSN’s gaming selection has to offer in the mean time, of course.  The great news of course is that the Sony PlayStation brand has a very rich and varied back-catalog of games which is definitely worth exploring, especially if you’ve missed certain titles or are new to gaming in general.

Looking at what’s currently available on the PSN the immediate answer might be to simply make all previous titles available on the PS4, of course this might not be possible to achieve in certain instances because of compatibility issues, etc.  However, there are certain games that are more desirable than others which could be added rather quickly, much to the delight of fans.  Here are some interesting choices which we hope might merit further consideration…

All 3 Metal Gear Solid games

Simply put, the Metal Gear solid series is a deeply-seated facet of Sony’s video gaming history and it remains a very vibrant force in gaming to this very day for many people.  The gameplay concepts used in all 3 titles are not only unique and somewhat stylized; they are also highly intuitive and satisfying.  Mixed in together with this are subplots full of conspiracy, intrigue and twists galore – a new betrayal or curling plot device unfolding in some shocking way.  Then of course the combat itself offers a break from all the spine-tingling stealth action, which itself is punctuated by the emergence of crazy characters and villainous bosses.  These games offer a great blend of RPG goodness, but in the context of what is almost an arcade-like format.

All 3 Metal Gear Solid games

The Silent Hill series

Likewise, the infamous Silent Hill series also deserves a go on the PS4 / PSN.  While franchises like Resident Evil series really helped to put survival horror on the map as a major genre, it was the original Silent Hill games that truly scared a lot of gamers for the first time.  Where RE made people feel tense or even highly provoked while exploring new areas filled with hostile enemies and puzzles, SH simply thrust madness into your face and laughed, hoping that you’d turn away before completing the first few objectives.  In particular, Silent Hill 2 is a standout example of what constitutes a truly great survival horror experience and a lot of people are still into it (as evidenced by groups on Twitch, for example).

The Silent Hill series

Mass Effect Trilogy

Hands down, the entire Mass Effect trilogy offers one of the most unforgettable experiences currently available within the console gaming world (or otherwise).  Each game paints a deep portrait of a galaxy in the midst of some monumental occurrences or cyclic event.  It’s basically a very richly detailed space opera – a game series that nearly rises beyond the label of mere “entertainment” to that of artwork.  The locales and characters spring to life and what’s better is that you have control over this alternate reality, free to take whichever path or react as you wish, and your actions have consequences.  At its heart it’s a sci-fi RPG with a decidedly addictive over-the-shoulder style of action/adventure gameplay (with additional skill customization included), but there are loads of other factors and features which propel it high above most any other franchise to consider as well.

Mass Effect Trilogy

Red Dead Redemption (GOTY Edition)

Of all the currently available open-world masterpieces out there, Red Dead Redemption truly is something special to behold.  Yes, one could say that it’s a bit of a “GTA with horses” sort of affair, but in truth it’s much, much more than that.  RDR has its own unique feel, speed, tone and features which work very well in its context, offering up an extremely unique feel and experience.  Moreover, the Game of The Year Edition includes the amazing “Undead Nightmare” campaign and multiplayer mode, “undead overrun”.  Simply put, this additional campaign takes all of the great aspects of zombie games and B-movie tropes but sticks them inside of a western instead.  The result is a great game which offers both satisfying freedoms across a creepy landscape as well as an immersive, slightly madcap storyline which is nothing short of epic.

Red Dead Redemption


If any PS3 game were available via the PSN, a lot of people would want GTA V.  That’s really all there is to it – streaming GTA V on the PS4 = denizens of happy, satisfied gamers.

gta v

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