Top 10 PS4 Indie Titles

Whilst you’ll already find an incredible number of blockbuster titles, it’s fair to say that the PS4 also has an amazing choice of indie games. In fact, you get the best of both worlds. You can’t beat that, right? Indie takes you on a more personal route, often providing a retro feel. However, the imagination and efforts that go into some of these titles are simply incredible, and are packed full of entertainment. What’s more, you can generally pick them up for very little. Let’s explore 10 of the best indie games currently available on PS4…

Titan Souls

titan souls ps4

A short indie roguelike where you are given a single arrow and the goal to take down several powerful beings known as Titans.  The combat is intense and being hit once sends you back to the beginning, meaning a short walk back to the boss again.  Which can act as a moment for you to break, or a spit in the face that you lost…again.  Every second counts in Titan Souls and one wrong move will send you to your grave, or the enemies to theirs.  Fight fast, fight smart, don’t die.

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Dakota Barrett

Dakota Barrett is an indie game developer with a focus on writing and design.

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