GamesCom 2013 – Day 2 – PlayStation 4 Complete Summary

With perhaps the biggest news of a November PlayStation 4 release already behind us and in the books, we now turn toward demos and news from developers concerning some prospective software for the powerhouse console.  All in all, this 2nd day of GamesCom (open to the public, that is) played host to a lot of interesting games, including those of which details are just now emerging.  Naturally, the displays for some of the top tier launch titles are still prominently featured and wowing fans and prospective PS4 buyers alike as well.  Let’s delve into some of the notables from Day 2 of GamesCom 2013, shall we?

First up we have “Hohokum” which is by all accounts a slightly strange, yet fun and striking game which is decidedly non-linear.  Unlike most other titles which are designed to be either highly competitive or challenging (often times both), Hohokum is all about relaxing and soaking in the atmosphere and music.  For example, all the various worlds are available to you right from the start, so no need to worry about meticulously unlocking everything.  Once you choose a character you can explore its corresponding world where there are primary goals to tackle as well as secondary objectives which you can also look into.

Next, we have Bungie’s upcoming mega-release “Destiny”.  While Destiny is labeled a post-apocalyptic shooter, it simply feels and looks much bigger than your typical title in that particular genre.  In a special behind-the-scenes look at the game, attendees were treated to actual gameplay, which is by all accounts, truly fantastic.  You can think of this game as a sort of hybrid first-person shooter / open world roamer / MMORPG, in other words – a truly one of a kind game.  The world itself is dynamic, visually beautiful and very much “alive”.  In fact, the developers are aiming to create a game that’s perhaps even a little bit “unpredictable” with certain events taking place in an entirely unscripted fashion.  Of course when you factor in the notion of many other people simultaneously participating in this large environment the possibilities also expand dramatically.  Leveling is also going to be a featured mechanic; perhaps one of the more interesting things in the game (aside from the magnificent environment) is the weapons.  Rather than limit players to standardized items there are also exotics which you can find and pick up.  As you might have already guessed, this means that each one is fairly unique and can also be upgraded in its abilities as you level up your character in various ways as well.  Seriously, this game is extremely epic. See the Destiny Gamescom Out Here in the Wild – Official Destiny Video.

Without a doubt however, the title garnering the most interest out of video gamers at GamesCom is “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag” it would seem.  Aside from being a truly next gen title, AC IV also moves the series in the direction of truly open world environments.  In short, Black Flag gifts us with a massive open world environment modeling itself after a pirate-themed Caribbean setting from an earlier age.  All the awesome Assassin’s Creed mechanics are there of course, like the stealth-based tactics, wild gymnastics, high-flying jumps, weapon play and silent kills, but hands-down, the coolest thing about Black Flag is its setting.  There is one segment in particular where you are given a mission to take out a pair of brothers near a tavern, after dispatching the first one the other takes off toward the docks and quickly hops on his vessel, setting sail for open waters.  In most games this would mark the point where the target had escaped you, but not in AC IV.  Instead of pouting and complaining on the docks, you can jump onto your ship the Jackdraw and take off in pursuit of the person.  Once you catch up with them it’s time for a good old fashioned naval battle – yes, involving cannons.  After you’ve worn them down you can them grapple onto their ship, board it and even commence to plunder their booty.  In all honesty, there are so many details and intricate mechanics in AC IV: Black Flag that it’s nearly unbelievable not to mention the massive world which you can begin exploring almost immediately, it’s going to be a truly incredible game.

AC IV Black Flag

In other news, Call of Duty fans should be happy to note that “Ghosts” will incorporate a new Create-a-soldier system which will apparently enable up to 20,000 different visual possibilities.  For those who might have tired of the limited options for appearance which has been a staple of the CoD series since its inception, this is pretty good news.  Add to this more perks and loadout options and you have an evolving franchise and flagship game which is no doubt going to be one of the hotter multiplayer destinations for trigger-happy PS4 owners.

Tune in tomorrow for a Day 3 recap of all the emerging PS4 news at GamesCom 2013.

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