Gran Turismo Sport beta cancelled to ensure 2016 release

Creator explains, “we just don’t have enough time”.

Announced back in October 2015, Gran Turismo Sport was set to launch a public beta some time this year. But in an interview with VideoGamer, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has announced that there will “Most likely” be no beta at all.

Yamauchi went on to explain that it’s something he is “very, very sorry about,” and that “In order to do a beta test we have to make a gold master of the beta test code, and for us it actually takes as much effort as to finish the real master code of the actual game.”

Adding, “we decided that we just don’t have enough time to do two gold masters for the game. By omitting that it saves us about three months of time.”

GT Sport 2

With a slightly underwelling reception during a recent closed door showcase in London, many raised issues with the framerate and general performance issues scattered throughout the current build. Gamers may view this as more of a PR move than a time restraint, as a poor reaction from gamers during a free public beta, would likely impact sales.

However, Yamauchi also revealed his plans to make the game fully playable in PlayStation VR on day one of release, so it could be set to offer a very unique experience.

Gran Turismo Sport is due to release this November, exclusively on PS4.

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