GTA 6 – What possibilities will the PS4 bring?

Hands down, Grand Theft Auto V has (and continues to be) an overwhelming success for developer, Rockstar Studios, which of course means that a follow-up title is pretty much a given.  Gamers simply cannot get enough of the open world, vehicle-centric gameplay which (now) incorporates everything from zaniness and drama to lonely treks across beautiful terrains and multiplayer madness.  Naturally, when it was announced that GTA V wouldn’t be coming to either the PS4 or Xbox ONE the entire video gaming community let out a collective sigh of sorrow.  Of course now there’s rumors and talk of overturning that decision and going ahead with next-gen pressings of the title, but that’s beside the point…  What we’re interested now is its successor, tentatively titled GTA 6.


While no such game currently exists (or may / may not be in any planning phase) one can’t help but imagine what a new brand spanking GTA title might look like on the powerful PS4.  For starters, the hardware capabilities offered in tandem with the brilliant new engine they’ve already put together suggests that it might be possible to craft even more realistic, mega-vast territories to explore.  Anyone who loves exploration in video games has probably already scoured most of GTA V’s map for secrets, and while it’s certainly a fulfilling game, certainly there are improvements to be made in a number of areas, right?

In short, here are some things we’d like to see in GTA 6 along with some potential new possibilities that might be offered by pairing it with the PS4…

Additional activities

Most people tend to play an open world game for one reason – it offers them the freedom of true exploration of large tracts of terrain.  Needless to say, moving around an impossibly large map with very little to do is…well, a massive disappointment.  The reason for this relates back to logistics and the processing capabilities of 7th generaton hardware (more or less).  With a console like the Xbox 360 or PS3, there are only so many details which can be supported while maintaining a solid, smooth framerate, of course with the emergence of the PS4, everything’s changed.  If indeed GTA 6 comes to the PS4 it will be possible to add a bevy of activities spread out across the entire map, a first for the series.

The ability to enter most, if not all buildings

Additionally, yet another one of the major quips we see from GTA junkies is the lack of any ability to enter most buildings.  While it could be argued that such a thing is overkill, it’s also sort of ridiculous that you can’t simply enter any random skyscraper, take the elevator to the top floor and jump off.  At the same time, just imagine all the hijinks one could get into if they could randomly create quests from breaking into some structure.

When will GTA 6 hit store shelves?  …in truth it’s anyone’s best guess.  All we know for sure is that (according to Rockstar) they have “45 year’s worth of ideas” to play around with, so its’ very likely that we’ll see some more pertinent news emerge relatively soon.  Until then, there’s always GTA V.

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