Why GTA V Will Be worth Replaying on the PS4

For the serious modern gamer who knows what they want and what’s hot, even asking a silly question like “is GTA V worth buying for the PS4” seems like blasphemy.  Let’s face it, Rockstar’s new Grand Theft outing is as big and magnificent as we’d hoped it would be.  To make things even more pee-in-your-pants awesome, they’re upping the ante with this next-gen release.  That’s right, if you’ve been craving even more goodies to enhance the experience, look no further.

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Aside from all the obvious stuff, like fresh components or new activities, there’s the giant pink elephant in the room – the graphical improvements.  Hands down, this is one of the most apparent reasons to hit this title up again on the PlayStation 4.  Simply put, there’s so much more detail present (in gameplay videos).  One particular clip demonstrated the water effects around the shores, where waves undulate and crash in a spectacular fashion, opening up doors to enhanced immersion.  Even better, this isn’t merely a port – it’s a full-on rebuild from the ground up.  It would seem the developers aren’t taking this re-release lightly at all.

I know what you’re thinking, “but what about my current save data for GTA V online, can it be imported?”  Well, to get straight to the point – yes, it can.  Making the jump from 7th to 8th gen will require you to jump back into the main story again, but isn’t that actually a good thing?  Sure, it might be a rather flimsy excuse to bask in the rich multithreaded narrative of this manically delicious sandbox, however this time around things will be different.  Speaking of which, you’ll get access to:

  • More missions and general activities to keep you busy exploring
  • Additional weapons
  • New vehicles
  • An overhauled foliage system for even better wilderness
  • Modified damage
  • Additional wildlife
  • Thicker traffic system, that’s more dynamic
  • Improved weather effects
  • …and lots of other cool stuff.

Even better, if you decide to go ahead and pre-order the game before the November 18th drop point, then you’ll get $1,000,000 in-game bonus cash.  Naturally, this amount can be redeemed while playing either GTA online or GTA V (story mode), which means you get to start off like a baler from the get-go.  To further sweeten the pot, PS4 owners have even been offered an addition $300,000 (talk about your “impossible to refuse offers”).

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Turning our attention toward GTA Online for a moment…  It bears mentioning that they’re upping the total player count per room to 30 as well, meaning that the action just got a whole lot wilder.  Considering that the PlayStation 4 is capable of so much more in terms of pure horsepower, it’s also mind-boggling to think about what else might be possible.  Moreover, all of that and more will be taking place with a solid and stable frame rate (60 fps) in crisp, full-blooded HD.  Again, you can also transfer your personal content onto this version as well, so it’s not like you’re losing any of the efforts put into the previous incarnation.

Assuming that this is your first encounter with this mighty game, then by all means, you absolutely MUST purchase and play it on Sony’s flagship console.  There’s no doubt about it, all of the improvements will certainly take things to a whole new level, which is astounding when you consider the lofty heights that GTA V has already achieved.  If all that weren’t enough, there’s also wildlife photography and a rumored “first person mode” to be excited about.  Even if the latter turns out to be nothing more than dirty gossip, you have to admit, the concept is pretty tantalizing, no?

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