In it to Win it – Competing at a Professional Level as an Amateur

The word “professional” may often be misleading or intimidating to what is classified as an “amateur” in the world of gaming.  Just because you have not yet taken the leap into the world of competition at a higher level does not mean that you can’t or won’t make it.  You may even find yourself lucky enough to take home the prize at the end of it all, but it will never happen if you allow yourself to never take that first step.

It is always going to be smart or even necessary to work your way through the amateur levels to make sure you are ready or even that you qualify to enter into competition.  Do your homework. Educate yourself through your local gaming stores and trust your blogs and local websites to on have the information posted for gaming arenas that are suited to your level of playing and even your favorite game.  Afterall, up to now you may have logged hundreds of hours and find yourself waiting for the next patch to upload so that you can continue the game use this to your advantage.  There is no way that you have gotten to this place alone so listen to your gaming buddies and see where the hottest action is that you feel like you can compete in.

Amateurs and professionals really do co-exist.  It sometimes, in a lot of games, takes a team of people to complete a level so allow those you play with to help you in your journey.  Keep your eyes on the prize…maybe it’s monetary or even a diamond encrusted necklace that you would never think of getting yourself that is being offered as a prize, it’s time to go for it.  Don’t be intimidated by them just do your homework on what is needed and what is being offered and let that be your guide to jumping in.  Read where and when the latest and greatest gaming chances are and sign up.

Stay smart.  Don’t let everything you have done up to now fall to the wayside instead use it, build on it and let the chips fall where they may.  If you never try then you really never know just how good you are or really how far it can even take you.  There are so many gaming opportunities now that you may even find yourself lucky enough to be noticed by the powers that be and be offered possibilities that you only dreamed were possible for someone at your level to attain.  Again, it all gets back to playing smart and being smart in your choices and opportunities that are out there.  If you get that chance to compete don’t let “not being a professional” dissuade you after all everyone had to start somewhere they were not just born into the position they are at by any means.  It really just doesn’t happen except maybe in fairytales.

Remind yourself you too can win.  Who knows it may even gain you much needed respect amongst your gaming peers and then move you to levels and points in the games that you didn’t even know existed.  Never run from opportunities for fear of failure, that is not who you are or you would not be gaming at all.  If you are invited to be that game master or the leader for the expedition in the quest then by all means accept and just see where it takes you.  Most gamers consider themselves wallflowers or not someone who is comfortable outside their box and that may be true, but use that, don’t not “just do it” because you are what you feel is different.  In this world, in this game you are maybe the best and really just don’t give yourself credit for it.

Afterall not everyone can slay the dragon or save the princess every time, but maybe just maybe with a little practice, research and a little luck you too can be the next gaming professional that makes a living at doing what they love for a living.

Good luck!

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