The Best Quantic Dream Games of All Time (No Spoilers)

The Quantic Dream team are known as the creators of some of the best ever action-adventure interactive games. The only true competitor to Quantic Dream is Telltale Games and if I were to be frank, Telltale Games can’t even hold a candle up to the library of games that has been produced by Quantic dreams.

From the earliest releases, this team has shown uncommon care for everything from the life-like visuals to excellent musical scoring, to the masterful storylines. The innovation that they’ve brought to any of these elements alone would be groundbreaking. Together, they are more than enough to catapult this team to the top of the list of game developers.

But of this majestic catalog, what stands out as the best? That’s the question that I hope to answer today. Their games have always been some of the best action-adventure games and these are all titles that I’d definitely recommend to any gamer, both casual and those who are heavily invested in the gaming industry.

Beyond Two Souls

The follow up to Heavy Rain is one of the most polarizing games that the team has ever made. Couple that with the fact that the game had Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe as voice actors and you have a recipe that’s bound to get people excited for the game.

The way that motion-capture was used in the game was nothing short of impressive, resulting in extremely life-like renderings of the actors. The only shortcoming of the game was that compared to other Quantic Dream games, the story telling left many players wanting more substance.


This game came out in 2005 for the Playstation 2 and while it may not look like much by today’s standards, this game truly showcased how well QD is able to present a captivating tale. This was the first narrative-focused game that QD ever brought to fans. Many would even say that this was the game that was truly able to define what QD was all about. 

Heavy Rain

One simply does not mention Quantic Dream without also mentioning Heavy Rain. The game was lauded for its amazing visuals, convincing characters, and a storyline that gives the game such a worthwhile replay value. This was easily a game title that remained on people’s lips for a full year.

Detroit Become Human

This is easily the best Quantic Dream game that’s been made so far. It’s also the French Studio’s first game to be released for the PS4. The graphics capabilities of modern gaming consoles and gaming PCs were pushed to their limits. My God, are the visuals amazing!

The game is able to make full use of the hardware found in the PS4 and this results in eerily life-like visuals. However, that isn’t all that makes this game the crowning achievement of QD.

The game is ambitious in its storytelling and it is courageously so. The main plot is incredibly engaging and it is perfectly accented by the astounding number of alternate storylines that can play out throughout the course of the game. The beauty also lies in how the actors are incredibly convincing in their roles.

The game features overtones of social oppression, morality, and how humans are, at their best and at their ugliest. The game is unapologetic in presenting these concepts to the player and whether these make you uncomfortable or not, anyone who has played to the end can agree that this game is definitely an emotional rollercoaster ride.

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