10 Reasons Why Bloodborne will Rock

Enter the world of dark and unimaginable horrors. The chilling upcoming video game called Bloodborne by Sony Entertainment has gamers sitting on the edge of their seats with anticipation. There’s much discussion as to whether or not the next instalment from The Souls games will be as good as Demon Souls and even Dark Souls.

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Bloodborne will take players into the dark city of Yharnam, where it is rumored to have a remedy potent enough to cure any illness. You will become a traveler searching the realms of the dark city for this remedy in this action role-playing game. Intrigued enough? Here’s 10 brilliant reasons why Bloodborne will rock and why you should consider playing the game when it’s released.

  1. The Storyline

The original video games released of the Souls games were not particularly known for their good storylines but rather for their gore and blood. Many players might not be aware that there are in fact deep and profound storylines hidden in the game left to be uncovered. Although this was a decision made by the developers themselves to hide the storyline from view, Bloodborne is said to have a similar system where players can choose to hide the story behind the level design or to reveal them. Avid gamers can piece the story together, creating a deeper level of meaning to the game.

  1. Multiplayer Experience

Through co-op or PVP, individuals can play with friends or complete strangers on your quest in Bloodborne. There will be an added element to the game where players can receive threats or challenges from other hunters and players online, making the game more suspenseful and fun. What’s also exciting to see in Bloodborne is the ability to share your Chalice Dungeon with others. This keeps the game more interactive and fresh.

  1. Fast-Pace Game Play

Compared to the other Souls games, players can expect a much more high-pace experience in Bloodborne. Previous games such as Demon’s Souls had more of a methodical pace which was slow for many gamers. The developers took on this complaint head on and provides a much better game play than ever before. Expect the speed of combat to be much faster and changing weapons and guns to be easier. Now you can sprint through levels, and in one quick move, cut, stab, shoot or hack up to the next level.

  1. Chalice Dungeon

Bloodborne would not be complete without the chalice dungeon. Here players will be allowed to explore the deep layers of the underground city of Yharnam. Using holy chalices, there are so many structures and levels to be discovered. Players will have to overcome traps and fight creatures luring underground in order to acquire rewards. They’ve also made the dungeon structure to change each time the portal opens, making it fresh every time.

  1. Preview Is Awesome

If you’ve watched the first 18 minutes of Bloodborne in their preview, you’ll know that it’s going to be awesome. Viewing the preview alone will give you a clear idea of what to expect. It also creates greater curiosity to want to play the game and to learn what happens in the end of the game. Be warned, it is far darker compared to the other Souls games with much more unimaginable horrors exposed.

  1. Upgraded Guns and Weapons

Guns and weapons will be drastically upgraded in Bloodborne to give the players more options to kill the undead. Without making it all too complicated, players can expect at least two different modes for most weapons, giving gamers more versatile play style and increase your overall experience playing the game. This is just one of many features that will be introduced in Bloodborne for added experience.

  1. Difficulty Level

Making the video game more difficult and challenging for players means more hours of fun to be had. It also makes the game feel more real. On a players’ perspective, making Bloodborne more challenging can make the overall gaming experience more rewarding. There’s nothing worse than playing a video game that is too easy. It can be rather boring otherwise.

  1. Unique Level Architecture

The developers for Bloodborne have really stepped up their game adding more intricate details and structures and thus creating levels to its architecture of this dark city. Players will not only be sucked into the world of Yharnam, but it promises to have different buildings and structures all around you that are interactive. Find hidden doors, hidden traps and even ambushers waiting for you behind different buildings. This definitely adds another level of intensity to the game.

  1. The Atmosphere

There’s nothing quite like feeling the chills and goosebumps on your back and for those who are waiting for the release of Bloodborne, you can expect that they will bring their A game forward. Starting off with the music, this will of course set the tone of the entire video game. You’ll hear throughout the game, dark and chilling music setting the mood of what’s to come.

From the flickering of the torch, to gloomy hallways, Bloodborne will really make you feel like you are literally there. Players will be able to appreciate the detail of both architecture and graphics in creating the dark gothic city of Yharnam.

  1. Hidetaka Miyazaki Influence

The success of previous Souls game had a lot to do with game director Hidetaka Miyazaki. When Hidetaka’s role was minimal as seen in Dark Souls, it was more or less a disappointment for gamers worldwide.

Hidetaka’s vision really developed what avid players hoped and longed for so long. Bloodborne promises to stay true to its followers with Hidetaka Miyazaki’s influence all over it. With that being said, the game has had high expectations, some even suggesting it will be the game of 2015.

There you have it, 10 reasons why Bloodborne will be awesome. Bloodborne is set to be released this month, March 2015. If you’re your convinced Bloodborne will be worth the wait, keep posted on the latest updates here.

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