Is Now the Right Time to Buy a PS4 Pro?

With admirable praise from avid gamers in due appreciation of the most ultra-modern of PlayStation consoles, it’s hard not to ponder if this might be the right fit for you right now. The PS4 PRO is a remarkably compelling machine by which the team at Sony has achieved great aesthetics whilst also introducing the ability to handle 4K gaming and HDR.

It’s no shock that many gamers are ready wanting to discover more about this cutting-edge console, and thus, are chewing over the dilemma of purchasing the newest addition to the PlayStation family. The question brewing for most gamers right now: is if now is the right time to set your sights on the PS4 PRO?

General areas of concern regarding the desired insight into the Pros and Cons in reference to the PS4 PRO, are the very thing that will allow gaming fanatics a bottom-line resolution to this pressing issue. Today we will resolve questions such as:

• How capable is the PS4 PRO?
• What is High Dynamic Range?
• In what respect do the graphics of the PS4 PRO size up to that of both the PS4 and the PS4 Slim?
• Is it essential to own a 4K HDR TV?
• Where can I find the best PS4 PRO deals in the UK and the US?

Capabilities of the PS4 PRO

With the PS4 PRO’s Graphics Processor (GPU), in comparison to that of the PS4 and PS4 SLIM, it possesses a two-fold increase in power. Sony also accommodated the PS4 PRO with an enhanced processor, constituting a more exceptional approach to the “handle” on artificial intelligence and physics in games. The PS4 PRO, according to Sony, can perform at 4.2 Teraflops, with which the original PS4’s 1.84 Teraflops couldn’t bear to hold a candle too. Although, the PS4 PRO’s memory is equivalent to that of the original PS4 being that of 8GB GDDR5. The PRO however, operates at an accelerated speed, enhancing fulfilment. The PS4 PRO includes an additional 1GB of memory for applications not related to gaming, such as NetFlix. This helps to prevent apps like NetFlix misusing your space, thus leaving more room for games, not to mention, a quicker convert between all applications.

What is High Dynamic Range?

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is referenced in connection with TV, films, and games, it generates their appearance exceedingly brilliantly, providing picturesque, and life-like visuals.

In what respect do the graphics of the PS4 PRO size up to that of the PS4 and PS4 SLIM?

The answer to this question is determined by the game itself. Game developers are at liberty to utilize the surplus power by any means within reasonable context. The sole insistence that Sony requests is that all games on the PS4 PRO be made to play “up to par”, just like they achieve on the PS4 and vice-versa. In other words, games will play near to identically on either machine. The PS4 PRO at barefaced deviation from the PS4, is the illumination, amplifying the contrast within a scene. However, the PS4 PRO’s power does not stop there. Game developers can contribute and put use to increased items in the game, designing a much deeper intricate detail.

Is it essential to own a 4K HDR TV with a PS4 PRO?

Although a 4K HDR TV would complement your purchase, at a technical level, there is not a requirement. However, upon further investigation, involving customer reviews and an arena of game critics, 4K TV is almost unanimously favoured. Although, the other common ground is that if you have the original PS4, but are still projecting your games on a 1080P TV, the consensus is to not upgrade until you own a 4K TV.

Will regular PS4 games work on the PS4 PRO?

The answer to this question is absolutely. There are no exclusionary games built just for the PS4 PRO. However, on a side note, the PS4 PRO does not offer playback function on 4K Blu-Ray discs and will not in the future. Just remember, there is always NetFlix from where you can stream 4K movies.

Where can I find the best deals on the PS4 PRO currently in the UK and the US?

Our official partner, Amazon, is who we recommend. Not only are you supporting PS4 Home by purchasing through them, but they are a very reliable retailer with some of the most competitive pricing.

In conclusion

The PS4 PRO is something to give SERIOUS thought about. With some stunning upcoming game releases, now seems like a good time to consider switching to the PS4 Pro. Of course, you’ll want to have a decent 4K TV too – not that you have to, but it makes perfect sense, right? Do you already own the PS4 Pro? If so, who not leave your feedback in the comments.

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J.j. Barrington
6 years ago

E3 is around the corner, so of course not.

6 years ago

for me it depends on where xbox goes.if the enable mouse and keyboard xbox live will die there will be no controller only servers for will be FORCED to use mouse and keyboard to compete in multiplayer.

i will wait for xbox two to make my choice i like xbox live over sony for one reason xbox live.i like to play eso you can never have mouse and keyboard vs controller on any platform it will kill multiplayer games.

Rupet A.
6 years ago

Best console out there, never worth waiting for the Xbox Scorpio because it will not compete with the PS4 when it comes to games, take one look at the Xbox One.

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