Turtle Beach Recon Chat Gaming Headset Review

Expected to be in line for release on May 15th, 2017 in the U.S., and currently adorning the shelves in the U.K., this happens to be the most current release from Turtle Beach. The Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon Chat, a gaming headset readily available (even to pre-order in the U.S.) for the PS4 PRO and the PS4.

Turtle Beach provides essential ingenuity with resonating high reaching sound resolutions. For those of us who are INTENSE gamers, the Recon Chat is accommodating our “stock” in party chat intercommunications. The Ear Force Recon Chat headset is appealing to those of us with wireless headsets that need time to charge in lieu of want to stay chat-ready to interact with other players. This headset is Plug & Play via a jack that hooks directly into your PS4 PRO or PS4 ‘s controller. This allows your wireless set time to charge you to never miss a beat.

Another wonderful advantage of the Recon Chat is that there is absolutely no need to configure the headset to your game console. As with the quality of the sound of your game, it is generously not interrupted and the chatter between you and your online cohorts is evident with clear impeccable sound. All of this is to dawn appreciation of the premium quality 40mm speaker.

The Recon Chat aids players in comfortable wear for lengthy amounts of time. Regular headsets can be extremely heavy on the ears thus negating aches after a long gaming session. The Ear Force consists of a single ear piece and is reversible with your ability to choose which ear you prefer to listen through. It also included a stopper piece to avoid slippage, which equips this low budget headset rest accordingly on your head. The Recon Chat is also constructed to be Turtle Beach Specs Fit, which is the company’s advance to providing extra space for gamers who wear glasses.
The Recon also has an inline controller attached to its cable. This gives way for volume adjustment and the option to mute your mic. The two color options available for this headset are green or blue. Recon Chat is a bargain in the U.K this steal of a deal is £15.00. Upon release in the U.S., it’s expected to be great value for the low cost of $20.

Amazon.com offers select-customers the early option to try this headset on for size before it hits the U.S. market, and the response from these consumer reviews has inadvertently hit the proverbial “nail on the head”, when it comes to the Ear Force Recon’s accountability for what purposes it was essentially designed for. Despite the 3.8 star rating on Amazon, one must also take into account that this is the U.S. response to this new product by only a handful of people. I expect that the rating will go up following the initial release in the

U.S. when it becomes openly available May 15th.

Overall, the folks at Turtle Beach have attained the proper ingenuity in regards to this relatively inexpensive headset. It meets all standards of design when it comes to affordable & comfortable online chat. This product gives more bang for your buck or frank, and totally worth the investment to keep your online chatting availability active.

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