Wanna Hang Out? Great PS4 Games to Play while Sitting with your Friends

We all have that favorite multiplayer game that we enjoy from the comfort of our own homes. But what about those midweek meetups where you want to play a game but don’t know which? Hopefully this list can help make that decision a little bit easier for the next time you’re wondering just that.

FIFA 17 (Up to 4 Players)

For the athlete at heart – take your controllers to the couch and get the ball rolling. FIFA is the perfect way to take your talent to the field while yelling at the guy next to you because he keeps missing your perfect passes.

The pro in playing this on the same console is that you miss out on all the glitches of an opponent from afar with bad internet connection. FIFA is definitely a more realistic experience because it challenges you to use the skills of a true player.

From what I have encountered, it takes a serious player to enjoy this to the max, but when you’re in a group and looking for a fun way to play together, this is definitely an option.

Now some of you may be thinking I’m showing favoritism, but I’d never want to be biased. Which is why my next game on the list is:

PES 17 (Up to 4 Players)

Where FIFA fails, PES shines. PES is the easy way to have beginner status but play on Top Player Level.

The movements here are very fluid and it doesn’t take much time to master them. For that one friend who never spent a day on the football field, this will be their easiest way to learn the ins and outs while having a good time with their buddies.

Diablo III (Up to 4 Players)

Time to focus that rage on something more worthwhile: El Diablo. Make sure to pack light when you head out on these quests because this game is all about collecting the resources around you and leveling-up until you’re faced with the threating Diablo.

Choose from an array of characters to create the ultimate dream team, because the further you get, the more thankful you’ll be to have your friends by your side. After a certain point it’s near impossible to enjoy this game without the help of your friends.

Dungeon Defenders II (Up to 2 Players)

It’s time to stand your ground and protect those behind you from the next wave. Here you get to show off your tactical side by working together to defend your gates from invasion.

In this game, teamwork is key. Constant communication helps to create skilled defense plans while sharing a laugh or two because what the f*** is that monster heading our way?

Worms Battlegrounds (Up to 4 Players)

Talk about a blast to the past. Take a ride down nostalgia lane with the roars of “Hallelujah” after blowing up your friends because you “mistook them for sheep.”

This is hands down one of the funniest experiences you could have playing with your friends. The game is relatively simple and full of fun weapons to make your friend’s worm squirm.

Rachel Bressner

Rachel Bressner is a rising author and entrepreneur. Alongside writing she spends her days working on her business which is set to launch in Mid-2017. Rachel got most of her inspiration to write after leaving her home in New York at the age of 19 and drafting in to the Israeli Military. She began by writing songs and soon after fell in to the world of blogging and social media. Twitter/Instagram: @Rbressner

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