Reasons Why Star Wars Battlefront 2 combined with PS VR Could Generate An Amazing Experience

Recent preview images suggest that the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront 2 will have content for PlayStation VR, potentially even at launch. This will come as good new to fans for whom the X-Wing VR Mission DLC was a great treat in the previous game. That mission had players piloting the iconic X-Wing in a battle against TIE Fighters and a Star Destroyer and was one of the most impressive VR experiences on the PS4 to date. We don’t yet know what sort of VR content Dice have planned for the sequel, but here’s some suggestions for some experiences we think could work a treat.

Millennium Falcon Gunner:

We’ve seen how much fun Finn had as the Millennium Falcon gunner in The Force Awakens, now we want a shot at it too. There could even be the potential for co-op gameplay, with your friend flying the Falcon whilst you blast space rubble and enemies in your path. From the ruins of Jakku to deep space asteroid fields, there’s plenty of the iconic ship’s exploits that would great fun to experience in VR. It would also be amazing just to explore the ship and experience everything from the secret smuggler’s compartments to the holo-chess table. Letting fans play in a VR Millennium Falcon seems like a no-brainer, so long as they don’t get cocky. I can only imagine how competitive things would get if there was a Kessel Run mode with online leader boards. I look forward to trying to beat Han Solo’s record.

Lightsaber Battles:

A virtual reality duel with lightsabers would be a dream come true for all wannabe Jedi out there. The Nintendo Wii had some motion control battles in their Clone Wars title, but with a more up to date presentation the PS4 could boast the most immersive fights to date. Using the Move controllers, players could choose between characters and styles; using both hands to wield a dual ended weapon as Darth Maul, or a one-handed approach leaving your other hand free to wield force powers against your enemy.  The epic music, the hum of the blades, Darth Vader’s chilling breathing as he emerges from the dark, forcing you to parry his swift attacks… sounds good to me. Just don’t ask me what the controls for General Grievous would be, four arms are perhaps too many for even the PS4 to handle.

AT ST Assault:

Take a seat in the infamous chicken walker to fight through the forests of Endor. Perhaps playing as Chewbacca, a walking tank section could see players blasting Stormtroopers off their speeder bikes whilst also avoiding hitting too many trees. You might even have to share your cockpit with a couple of the fuzzy Ewoks. Think Titanfall but with more fur. Alternatively, as we know that this game’s campaign will focus on Iden Versio, a member of the Empire’s deadly Inferno Squad, perhaps we would be the bad guys. Players could finally exact revenge against the Ewoks, whilst being sure to dodge their lethal rock throws.

The trench run:

Now, the feeling of piloting an X-Wing in Battlefront’s VR mission was great, but let’s be honest, if you’re going to give us an X-Wing, you need to let us take on a Death Star. A mission that takes players on an assault against the Imperial super weapon would be the ultimate fan moment to relive the original movie. I think there is a fair chance we will see the tight, claustrophobic trenches of the Death Star make an appearance in a new X-Wing mission for this sequel and players will have their photon torpedoes primed and ready. The Battlefront VR even had a targeting computer that popped out just like the real thing, but there wasn’t any cause to use it in that mission. We want to destroy a Death Star and I’m sure there’s some players who would try to do it without any targeting at all for that authentic, force-using experience.

There are some things that I could not include on this list. Firstly, podracing. Don’t get me wrong, I think the idea of zooming over the deadly sands of Tatooine sounds like great fun, but I’m not certain that the high speeds would translate so well to VR yet. Perhaps once some of the VR racing games increase their graphical fidelity it could work, but currently I think we would be puking out the side of our pods before we finished the first lap. All I can say is that EA and Dice have probably considered all these ideas and more, so hopefully at least some of these VR suggestions make it onto the final product. Even if it’s just more of what we got in the first game, fans will be back to experience the world of Star Wars in closer up VR detail than ever before.

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